Stealth gets Crescent rear sets

They look good but are a real pain to fit, thanx Baz for fitting them. Just waiting on black levers and new exhaust hanger, then the bikes done .


17.08.05 002.jpg

17.08.05 001.jpg

Looks very good Pete, most impressed! The bike is really starting to come together. Time for a carbon exhaust hanger perhaps?

Pete, what exhaust do you have…is it a Yoshi ?

Cheers guys iv orderd a tubler hanger that i will paint it, as for the exhaust is a Yoshi titanium built for Suzuki with set valve. You can buy this from your dealer not cheap though £699, well worth it tho sounds ace and has removeble baffle and legaly stamped.

Looks really nice mate! those Yoshi systems perform and sound amazing… though quite pricy but well worth it after you fit it and start her up i bet, lol!


V.nice Pete, those rearsets have to be the nicest ones I’ve seen

Bad news guys rear sets broke on first ride out, so iv sent them back and been refunded the money. So iv now sent my standard ones out for powder coating, will post pics. Crescent will be sending me black anodised levers early next week, about £20 for clutch and £30 for brake.

The best rearsets in my personal, and observed experience, are Gilles. They’re so tough you would not believe, and the build quality is top-rate. They look great as well, and all parts are replacable, and more importantly, easily available. I have crash-tested Gilles a couple of times and they’ve taken the full brunt of the impact, been dragged along the track and hit the track edge and still only lost about half an inch off the end, with no bends or weakenesses!

Sorry to hear about the CS rearsets, but I had heard they weren’t the best.