Stealth Cat


Mines not so subtle, he just leaps and bites! :laugh:

that’s one serious demonstration of his ancestry… you can imagine him about 50 times the size stalking wildebeast or antelope or something.

Creationists… eat your hearts out :smiley:


lol class

Hilarious! :P:P

Many thanks for posting that - CATS ROCK!

My last moggy was convinced she was a tiger!

I used to love watching her prepare to pounce. Tail fluffed up - check. Pupils filling her eyes - check. And then my favourite part - she used to wiggle her bum from side to side before launching herself at her “prey”

I used to wiggle my toes around under the duvet and laugh at her as she jumped up in the air and attacked them.

I wasn’t so amused when she crawl up under the duvet from the bottom of the bed and attacked though!

Why ? A perfect demonstration of inate behaviour, created in the cats brain before it was born. It never had to learn that from another cat, was probaby born with a saucer of milk in front of it.

Had it been evolution you would have seen it perfectly suited to house living, probably with a fat arse for sitting around all day, flat molars for chewing soft foods not the pointed incisors a cat still has and what’s the tail for these days ? That would have vanished long ago if evolution was even slightly operational in cats :slight_smile:

That is my fave bit of the attack :smiley: :smiley:

damm, why do they pick on me when I’m half cut…

Look, something to do with god’s don’t exist and self-delusion for the sake of an ancient and now unnecessary explanation for things we now understand just seems naive and argumentative for the sake of being argumentative, and evolution doesn’t exclude instinct, and the fact creating the world in 7 days means species that have “evolved” (yes it does happen) in the last 30 or 40 years or even 300 or 400 means that god didn’t make it all in 7 days, and the fact that electricity works and we don’t think Um Gom Rah make sum big light in the sky, we know how pressure differentials and Electrical Charges and storms create the conditions that produce that “scary big um flash in sky” we now call lightning and the fact that there can’t be only one god, cos everyone else has a different one so who has the right one if there is ONLY one, and the fact religious types are just so incapable of actually backing up their “faith” cos its “just a belief” and therefore if I believe you’re wrong… then logically god can’t exist cos I believe he doesn’t

Oh bloody dinosaurs and leave it alone. I shouldn’t have brought it up… it was a throw away comment expressing disgust that Creationism in this day and age is considered something to be taught to kids… its like teaching Eugenics, or that the people that think the earth is flat and there’s a big waterfall at the edge actually have a point…

What do you mean ? Has man not evolved sufficiently to cope with alcohol and thought :stuck_out_tongue:

Does this remind you of evolutionists ? :smiley: Does me :stuck_out_tongue:

It is truly amazing how even a thread about a beautiful cat can turn into an argument round here…

…just watch the cat…take it for what it was meant to be, cute and nice.

+1 - that’s exactly what ours used to do as well, hilarious to watch!! :smiley: He’d proceed to bounce all over tghe bed attempting to catch my feet as they moved about under the duvet, great fun!!

He started it Miss :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s proper funny, the cat not the argument ;):smiley:

Oh yes :smiley:

Haha, funny cat :laugh:

Meoww :P:D



Cats rock. I should get another, really.