Steal attempt.

Last evening 7PM group of 5 on 4 mopeds tried to steal my bike. Bike was parked on the street with a chain around front wheel.

They came with bolt cutters and and a hammer. Were bold to do it in a daylight. I have put a fight to stop them long enough until they fled. Police arrived around 5 minutes later.

They were here night before on some recon and cut chain sleeve. Woke me up at 2AM.

Event took place in SE22.

Bikes are stored now safely in a garage - I will not be able to ride with injured leg for a while anyway.

I am re-thinking my bike security and will be moving houses soon too.

Well done for putting up a fight mate. Glad the bike is safe for now. Keep a baseball bat handy for your own safety!

It all happened so suddenly I didn’t even grab a bicycle d-lock which was in a doorway and run out barefoot. Hence the foot injury.

Fair play to you!

5 to 1 isn’t the best odds, but well done for stopping them!

good on you mate, hope you recover soon!

nice one mate.

did any off the neighbours help?

Well done mate.

Little fuckers.

Neighbours - yes one of them filmed it and only when I shouted at them someone actually called the police.

Very helpful indeed. I do not even want to get started.

Thanks for kind words guys.

There is a chance that this was connected with other recent crime occurrences in the area. I will keep this space updated in case of further development.

Good work mate!

I caught two scrotes trying to nick my street triple recently and the coppers who attended told me that there’s been a recent spate of street triple thefts in East London/Hackney area.

Things must be getting tougher, as the recent spate of theft/burglary is definitely on the up.
My neighbours garage two up from mine was forced open just enough for a skinny scrote to nick all of his tools.

I think this theft is getting well out of hand these theives need a bashing I had my k6 gsxr1000 stolen same mo white transit 10:30pm (daylight) in my eyes that’s why I joined lbf I’d I’d love to see them try it at the ace cafe

Sorry to hear to you got hurt.

Fair play for the 5 against 1 kamikaze attack, not sure I would have run out in bare feet myself - although you don’t know until it happens do you.

I’ve got a triple too, making me reconsider my security set up. Been a lot of scrotes on mopeds round here recently.

Out of interest, what chain did you have that they thought they could crop with croppers small enough to carry on a moped?

Croppers weren’t small at all. I’d say they were 36 or 42in. So basically - go for a proper chain is a lesson here.

Your bike was probably targeted due to low level of security …

Irvin 42" bolt croppers have a maximum cutting diameter of 1/2", that is 12.5mm or 13mm if you happen to be an Highland caber tosser
The hammer is to attack the shackle of the padlock.

Solution14 mm security chain if you need to carry it about, if not consider the 16 or 19 mm chainsSquire SS50CS (closed shackle) padlock or the SS60CS if your not carrying it aroundXena XX14 disk lock alarm (120db) come highly recommended too.
All available from PJB Security and their prices include next working day delivery too inter webby linky wotsit here

well done on stopping them. b*stards.


Thanks mate for advice. I am budgeting for 16mm chain although was considering this one:

Does this padlock have any significant disadvantages?


Makes you wonder if it can be fitted to a motorbike?

That’s a great scam site! Haha.