Std Exhaust can wanted for GSXR750L 1990

Has anyone got or know of anywhere to get original silencer for 1990 GSXR750L or possibly an aftermarket one road legal. My original has collapsed inside and rattle is sooo annoying. Sounds alright but need road legal. Tried partfinder etc but no luck. I’m sure theres loads stuck in garages!! Obviously I am looking at spending as little as poss otherwise could get new!!


Hey Lucky

try this site: bloke called rotty on there just got in 200 endcans some standard etc, link to thread here:

selling em for bout 25-35ish quid, i think.

tell him i put you onto him, might get me discount, lol.

Thanks matey…had already posted a wanted thread on there but no joy so thanks for the heads up.Have left a message, hopefully they still have some!

Send rotty a pm if you hav not already, lol

Or call the number under his post, J&W Motorcycles.

Done and done already…!!

Thanks again though.