State of toilets at work

Go on what state are yours in?

I work in a “nice”, big office. I dont know what the ration of arse to seat is, but its big. and the state the loos are left in is disgusting :frowning:

Here, they fu****g stink most of the time. I mean do ppl really expect me to clean their sh!t after them? I have to deal with their work sh!t, thats enough! Some ppl leave the loo bowl peppered with the foulest stuff. Why dont they clean up? FFS! Sometimes the stink is unbearable! What do these folks eat!?

And dont start me on the dried bogies flicked all over the walls of the cubicles. Whats that all about!?

Have you ever walked into a cubicle and had to dash straight out again?

Rant over…

dont get me started - i feel so sorry for the cleaners!

womens loos are always the worst

I agree…to a certain extent…but our cleaner is a lazy bitch who spends all day making cups of tea for the management and putting in false accusations about staff when she doesn’t get her way. She’s only there cos the ‘company’ is to scared to stand up to her.

Ours aren’t great, but they ain’t all bad. What does gripe me though, is there is at least one lass in the place that can’t seem to turn a tap off!! :crazy:

We have cleaners up and down the building all day (6 floors) and when they are done everything is nice and clean. Good job to em. I just cant believe the state folks leave em in. :frowning:

I was in a safari park in Kenya with a latrine-shack thing. It wreaked of high heaven, but that was understandable!

This is disgusting, ppl just walking away from their mess. I cant poo on top of someones super-spray! Rank… :angry: What ppl are above using a damned loo brush? Its there for all to use. Not as if we dont have facilities here grrrrrrrrr

And sometimes walking into a cubicle that smells like there’s been dead rotting stuff in there for weeks… astonishing…

Wow… that sounds rather horrible.

I, as you know, am still a student and our loos are pretty much immaculate… isn’t even an interesting smell.

Adults are vulgar :smiley:

This kind of thing really annoys me -

My loos at work are always cleaned at least twice a day and thankfully the cleaners make a really good job - take my hat off to them…but there is one person who on a frequent basis thinks it is alright to urinate all over the toilet seat and floor and just leave it for someone else to deal with…I can guarantee that if I ever catch them I will personally rub their nose in it then flush their head down the bog!

my missus last week walked into a cubial to find a sh1t on the floor!!! WTF! :w00t:

how do tou miss?? and if you did!! wouldnt you clean it up?!!?

dont - the ones here have turned it into a stunt show - seat is down, lid is up and there is brown stuff on the underside of the lid… go figure…

we have resorted to notifying the Property Services department about Code “Red” and “Brown” incidents…

Must be all that cheesecake :wink:

alex (30/03/2010)


Sounds like were i work, inthe summer there is a terrible stink.

The sh!t onthe under side of the lid is ppl standing on the seat as where they come from you squat over a hole in the ground, we’ve got that too.

Panagiotis (30/03/2010)

She’s gonna kill me! lmao

sorry to spoil your fun but save for a few drips on the floor, ours are fine, we have windows and air freshenerif needs be

Someone sh*t themselves in our reception area last year by the lifts, I dont think it was on purpose but they left a trail leading to a fire exit and in to the car park - I dont know how they got out or what they did about it because they would have needed a security card to get back in or out of the car park!

We’ve had someone do 1 in the middle of the loo’s aswell - just really random :ermm:

Lmao - where the [email protected] do you people work? A&E :hehe:


Banman - why don’t you just print out your posts in large type & stick it on the loo door at work for them to read - it would save making us all feel ill :sick: & they would then all realise how antisocial they are?

pmsl - funny thread!

I’m a contractor and some of the places I’ve worked have really disgusting loos, others are immaculate.

On the ‘random sh1tter’ thread, there’s a story I was told once about a guy at a serious City organisation:

an IT manager - call him Bob - liked to get hammered most nights. His partner also liked a few, but both of them saw their drinking as normal - neither of them recognised they had a problem.

During a busy IT project, Bob went out to lunch with some old buddies and got hammered. Got back to the office after most people had left, but instead of going home, he thought he’d do some work. At some point in the evening, he got thirsty again and went looking for booze. His movement through the office was captured on cctv from this point. He looked in his bosses desk but didn’t find any drink. He did need a pee tho, so he pee’d in the bin. And on the chair. And into a drawer. And on the secretarys chair.

Moving upwards through management, he went into a more senior guys office looking for alcohol. Found none, so he cr*pped in the drawer and on the chair. At some point, he found the office of a female secretary or director - I can’t remember which - and jizzed on her chair.

Later, the security guys were alerted by a junior secretary working late at night that there was a tall, fat, naked guy using the glass lifts - shouldn’t they do something?

Eventually, they found him sleeping in a conference room. After an investigation, Bob was offered councelling for addiction, but he refused to acknowlege that he had a drink problem and was sacked on the spot.

This is a true story. It was picked up by one of the Sunday papers and was going to be run, but the organisation leant very heavily on the press and the story was quietly dropped.

Take some photos and post them on :smiley: