State of bike insurance in London

^^ That sir is a really good quote

Where abouts in NW11 are you? I’m in Temple Fortune and it does seem a lot cheaper in this area to insure a bike than a car.

If you’re intending on putting a shed in your front garden (ie. forward of the front elevation of the house) then unless things have changed recently you’ll need to get planning permission first.

Pat - for a garden shed, you don’t normally need planning permission (depending on the size of it) - check out

And as the one I’ll be getting is approx 7ft (L) 4ft (W) 7ft (H), I don’t need it. It’s basically a small storage shed (and is wooden)

First point from your link:No outbuilding on land forward of a wall forming the principal elevation.

A shed is an outbuilding.

This has been tried by someone on her a few years back & the local council made him pull it down.

Wow this stuff seems so random, I really think insurers are taking the piss.

I envy you! I’ve never had insurance that cheap!

I’ve had to stump up £725 TPFT on a one year old bike with 10yrs protected NCB, they wanted £1100 for comp.
I currently live in Muswell Hill, not exactly a rough area.
Sounds like the garage is the thing.
Also I keep getting told North London is bad for theft but isn’t all of London bad for theft?

Not sure if anyone read this when it came out but it’s grim reading:

that is rediculous! i think its a combination of postcode and garage. as according to this:
and this

you are in a high risk area while im in a medium.

perhaps you should move? :ermm:

According to the first of those links I live in a medium-high risk area and may need a garage for a bike, according to the second I’m in almost the highest risk area and definitely need a garage, which sounds right for the car insurance quotes I’ve been having, but not so much for the bike.
It doesn’t make a distinction between ratings for cars and bikes. Surely these ratings should vary depending on the vehicle, no?

Interesting links.
Basically anywhere in greater London is medium to high, unsurprisingly.

Isle Of Man it is then :laugh:

those links where the ones i found after 2min of googling. they may not be 100% right but illustrate my point :wink:

my insurance has also gone up. same bike, slightly older (as the owner :D) same 7 years ncb, same address.

but its still good, 225 fully comp cant really complaint.

I am in a medium-high risk area … But have a garage … So it’s still cheap .Pay about 400 total to insure 3 bikes fully comp . A garage is essential for me , I save money spending a bit more on rent for a garaged property . Do all my own spannering in comfort dodging garage bills and pay less insurance . If I paid say £1500 ( probably cost more ) to insure the bikes on the street … Less £400 what I pay now … it comes to £1100 which = 2 months rent and bills on expensive month .

So then say it is kept in a shed:)))

How the hell is Ilford = East London and NOT Essex… so low???