Starting problems

Ok, went to start my bike this morning and the bloody thing wont fire up.

It turns over, gives out an almighty back fire and that is it.

Checked all the obvious things, anything else ???

sorry mate,what bike is it,it sounds like water in the tank,if you have carb drain them into a cup and have a look as the water sinks to the bottom

sounds odd… silly things to check…

fuel link kink…? sounds like the engine is either starved of fuel / air so you could try your air filter / air intake… you running a fuel injection or carb?

does it have petrol in tank?

Bike is an 02 R1, checked the power commander conections as ive had this problem before.

I then lifted the tank to check all the hoses, air filter housing and so on.

Couldn’t find anything out of place, put it all back together and bingo it fired up, a bit annoyed now as i have not got a clue what the problem was.

sounds like a fuel link kink if you lifted the tank put it back and it worked…

I found that on my bike you have to set the choke and start the bike with out using any throttle… otherwise you get an almighty bang as the bike seems to flood and back fire.

Starts fine on the choke setting alone then just tweek the choke setting and hold on the throttle a little till it settles down on its own

Erm just sharing my nob head experience

A bit of an update.

After getting it started on Sunday i went out and checked it a few times and it started every time, did the same on Monday and again it started. Now on Tuesday morning when i was on my way out of the house to go to work, yep, guess what?


I called the recovery people who didn’t have a clue, so just got it taken to my nearby Yamaha dealer.

Called them today and was told that the battery was knackered, i asked how that would cause the backfire and how come when i lifted the tank it started.
He said that he had phoned the Yamaha technical department and the advice was that if the battery was not holding 12 volts then they were difficult to start but there would be enough power for the fuel injection to keep pumping juice.

The long and short of it is that when im turning it over fuel is pumped through but the battery is not creating a big enough spark to fire it up, thus flooding the engine.

Sorry about the waffle but im still not convinced by this as it still doesnt solve the reason it started after i had lifted the tank.

More confused than ever.

Apparently the throttle position sensor problem (see my old thread in sports bike section) is from 02 - 05 R1s.

It’s free to replace and fit the uprated part and the problem seems to occur later on in the R1s life.

Take the bike into Yamaha Service Centre in near Putney Bridge and ask for Paul. Don’t mind grumpy Louis…He knows his stuff, but is a bit tetchy.

These guys are the only people I will let touch my R1 for things I can’t do.

The details

Yamaha Service Centre



Telephone Number : 0207 371 9700
Fax Number : 0207 371 8800