Starting problem ZX10R 06

Hi all:D

I have a 06 ZX10R sometimes when starting it the electrics cut out, the time on my clock resets to 00.00 and it doesn’t start I have to turn the ignition on and off again a few time before it finally catches and fires up.

Anyone know what the problem is?

Welcome…Battery on the way out?

Loose connection to the battery?

Would be what I’d check first…Put the battery on an Optimate style charger and see what the condition of it is too.

Battery connections fine, still happens on a fully charged battery

its a connection somewhere if I am not mistaken…corosion in a terminal somewhere…spray them with electrical cleaner and reconnect them…it could also be the switch itself…

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yes… its called take it back to the dealer and get them to fix it cos it is still inside the two year warranty.

other then that you could try checking the fuse box as the clocks are surposed to have a live feed the battery even when the bike is off and if they haven’t then one of the fuses might have gone. This might happen if you’ve had an alarm fitted and it was wired incorrectly.

Does it make a fast clicking/ticking sound when you try and start it?

If it does, it’s probably snot caught in the starter solenoid:D

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Get the dealer to sort the problem:P

Ignore chunky as that’s his attempt at humour :w00t: