Start Up Pack

Greetings all,

Sorry I missed most of ye at the last newbies, but as Champion and I had been there from 4pm (for grub), and the meet didn’t start at 6pm … I had to dash off 6.30pm to my camogie training (

So, with this, I might consider missing the training next time, if the next meeting starts at 6

Hi and welcome aboard.

hye ya

Welcome to LB. May see you at the next one

Nice to see you have decided to come onto the LB forum…Welcome…Happy Days…Enjoy St Patricks Day… down there in Brent

welcome to LB


hello and welcome

HI all,

Thanks for the welcome, see you all tomorrow

See you tomorrow and easy on the booz if you get there early…
Just assuming you must be an irish “lady” to play that crazy game…

Well D675 ghost rider, it’s all for discussion on Monday night if ye like … maybe a fan support base for da games ??

Hi, good to meet you tonight