Stars Wanted.

I got a message early today (voicemail) from a friend I met whilst she was doing the walk and it turns out that one of the residents in the Hampstead Area was on the BCW…Woooooooooooooo

No surprise there as they do a lot for “Charrridy” !!!

But !!..She was so overcome by the Care and Manners (voicemail quote) shown by the

“Biker People”

Thats she has sung our praises to the “Ham and High” and the “Camden New Journal”


Who,s up for writing me a little something…Personal Experience and all that pallava ready for next Tuesdays print and then coming down to have some pics taken with the lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless !!!

Oh the fame the fame !!!

PM or Call and I,ll forward anything via email ready for print and arrange a meeting point

barro ur the man for the job

i would but i think there are better people on here

who done it for people they know

plus they have written very nice posts on here

also i am a man of few words…

ok then maybe not

Kind words from the stars that you are but I wont be about.

“Crete Post” Off Topic"

I,ll kindly send the Emails off to the News Desk and arrange it for you !!