Stargirl's Send-off

Hi All,
I am planning to be at the Ace on Friday 30th in the evening, if anyone would like to come and say good bye and wish me luck.

Where you going?:slight_smile:

Returning down under as her time is up in this great country of ours:)

Oh I see, good luck in the land down under and keep posting on here.

Don’t think have ever met you but will be there next Friday. Come and say hello, and then goodbye.:stuck_out_tongue:

W’time girl?

Hey there - I’ll hope to join you all there :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: will be there

Would love to be there :slight_smile:

Hey Stargirl, where about’s in Oz are you headed to? I’m off out there in a few weeks for a year; hoping i can find an ‘Ace Cafe’ equivalent. Will try and pop down and say hello…

and the chariot is at your disposal if required and i may take the top box off for ya :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be there, let me know what time you want picking up if we are not doing a ride. :slight_smile:

will come to say g’bye, what time?

Sarah is working a night :frowning: … I’m in though :slight_smile:

JP! :smiley:

You won’t find an ‘Ace equivalent’, which could be a good or bad thing, depending how you look at it.

And didn’t even realise we had another Aussie in the group. I’ll be heading back to Sydney or Melbourne in a few years (if I last that long!) :stuck_out_tongue:

no doubt il be about, and if not best of luck girl !!

I may have to go to Wiltshire Friday afternoon but if not I’ll definitely be there to see you to say goodbye. If I can’t make it I wish you the best of luck in the future.

Lisa x

Hey, I haven’t been to Ace Cafe yet (going for the first time this weekend) but I know in Sydney the Road Warriors Cafe at Mt White along the Old Pacific Hwy was popular with bikes. Or if you are heading south of Sydney, the lookout at Stanwell Tops.

We’s keep deporting you but… :D;):stuck_out_tongue:

No we’re keeping Zine here - he’s not allowed back! Ever!:w00t:

Best of luck Renee, we won’t make it down the Ace on Friday, but Happy Travelling :kiss:

I don’t know what time we will be there.
Best ask Gemma as she will take me there and back home again!
I would say it will be after 6:30pm? until late…like later than I ever stay anywhere EVER.

I am heading back to Melbourne.

Not sure about the rideout, as my boots and draggins are now stuck in a box with miles of tape sticking the lid down! Just waiting for the collection now.

I am from Melbourne, and was only riding for 4 months through winter- so I am not sure what it is actually like to ride back at home!! :w00t: I do know, however, that there are some country lanes near mine that would rival your BCR along the beach and by farms…and then of course there is the Great Ocean Road, which at the moment, might be a little beyond my skill level as the twisty road goes on forever with cliff on one side and steep ocean drop on the other.