I’ve just bought a StarCom 1 unit, complete with headset, power lead and music lead, from a friend who hasn’t used it.

I’ve ordered the PMR and phone leads but need advice about connecting my Street Pilot.

I’m fairly sure I can plug in the lead to the ‘Phone’ socket on the unit but what do I do if I want both phone and GPS plugged in at the same time?

Can I use a standard 3.5mm splitter such as the ones sold in Maplin’s?

If not, what?

Thanks in advance.

P.S. I do concede that many do not approve of receiving phone calls on mobiles whilst riding or driving but mine’s the family contact number - lodged with the school my partner’s son attends and I’m the one who has to deal with it, albeit very rarely.

Hi mate - do you have the StarCom1 or the StarCom1 Advance?

You should have several inputs - one is called AUX - which is where you should plug your GPS :slight_smile: Don’t plug it into the phone socket as that’s balanced for phone, rather than mono input - so you’ll end up with them talking over one-another or not working out the Vox correctly.

Hope that helps.


Thanks, Matt.

It’s StarCom 1 (not the Advanced one)

It’s got more holes in it than…mm, better not finish this sentence.

Headset 1 & 2

Phone (3.5 mm jack)

Audio ( " " " )

Radio as in PMR (6-pin socket)

PTT ( 6-pin socket)

12v. Input

Ah yes they added the aux in the advance version - I’d recommend using the audio channel - otherwise if you’re on the phone it wont ‘mute’ the gps when you’re talking and therefore the person you’re talking to will get an ear full of spoken directions :slight_smile:


I get an earful of spoken directions but the only thing plugged in is Debz

Thanks again, Matt.

So double-up music and GPS?

I would, the GPS and Music are both just stereo inputs - and it doesn’t matter if your GPS talkes over your music - but the Telephone input goes through a TBU (Telephone Balancing Unit) which balances the audio for stereo output plus it takes vos priority so if there’s output on that chanel will mute the other.


Very much appreciated! Thank you, Matt.