stanstead motorcycle parking ... free or not ?

Anyone parked their motorbike recently at stanstead ?

according to this it isnt free anymore

I normally pop a curb and park where I want anyway  …but dont want to get rumbled. …is it time to have a velcro numberplate ?

no idea - but wouldn’t having a bike parked illegally with no number plate just invite it to be removed or blown up?

i will cover my bike anyway 

Well, reading further into the page you linked too, seems to indicate it may still be free if you stay in the long stay car park… Either way, a phone call to them seems to secure  you a 50% discount. Why not phone them anyway?

called them  … they were based in madchester and werent very helpful  :frowning: …50% discount … nothing on the website either …

but the comments (in that blog site) seems to give more information about people who have recently got in for free

called them again and they said that even in long term parking  … they give you 50% off

As said plate removal will result in bike being removed as will parking somewhere you shouldnt or may result in a huge chain being added and a hefty charge to remove( dependant on their parking enforcement terms )

Or a pile of mangled metal
With possible charges from the cps for good measure