standing desk at work .. back pain

Now as part of my off road enduro stuff I have got into CrossFit (exercise) regime over the last few years … and that has lead me to the mobility/stretching

as part of that one of the recommendations is DONT SIT DOWN (bit like enduro riding !!)

So trying to negotiate a standing desk at work  … so though my back pain comes and goes  … its really more a desire to use the standing desk for prevention.

Question is  …anyone been through this … anyone got an example letter from a GP that got a standing desk ?

Yours sitting down  :-(

The evident for standing desk is sketchy at best.  The latest research that I read up last year (iirc) said that the benefits aren’t conclusive and there may be a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, or circularity issues.  A decent chair, and proper setup by trained OH people is the best solution, and work on a 50/10 routine.  maximum 50 minutes at the desk, and 10 minutes actively moving around. 

well the whole office are getting sit/standing desks  in an upgrade (1600 desks)  … so its definitely coming  (our floor is due next year …but if I push I can get it earlier) and becoming widespread in the city … I used one at the old place and it helped keep the core on  … you can always sit down for a bit periodically  … and mix it up.

Wasn’t it someone on here that once posted that they sit on one of those big inflatable balls instead of a chair at their desk?

they defo seem to have gone out of fashion … there was a few about  …think they are fine in the gym 

Might of been me that said that.
I worked for a client that had a desk that you could raise or lower depending on what height you wanted, they also had a good chair or a yoga ball or you could just stand.
As Kevsta says, you need not to be static for long periods. The advantage of the yoga ball is you’re making little adjustments to keep you upright. It’s odd and painful as your body adjusts but I think I worked well.

One of me favourite chairs to sit at is a Herman Miller Aeron Chair.
The highs and lows of a contractor is you get to sit in a different chairs when you change jobs.

That was me with the gym ball.  The problem is that is can also lead to muscle fatigue, is it not now recommended for long term (all day) use.  Herman Miller Aeron chairs are awesome.  I now have a second hand one at home, they are very expensive new.

Yeah I wouldn’t use it all day, that’s why they had a high quality normal chair as well but you need a big office to accommodate them all.

I’ve also had a Swopper chair, see pix, similar to a yoga ball but takes up less space.
But I couldn’t get on with it, also a yoga ball is hundreds of pounds cheaper.



One of me favourite chairs to sit at is a Herman Miller Aeron Chair. The highs and lows of a contractor is you get to sit in a different chairs when you change jobs. nivag
Fellow contractor and I too have been lucky enough to park on a Herman Miller much of my IT life  ..  ...and did buy one for home ...

I’ve got a standing desk after two back (disc) injuries in a row and it has made a massive difference. When my back hurts the only way to be comfortable is to walk which makes working difficult. I don’t stay standing all day as I’ve got one that folds down as my physio recommended I don’t stay in one position. I tend to stand for a while then walk around and sit when I get back.

Standing all day is the best way to get varicose veins in your legs… I’m going to assume that the advice comes from a doctor…