Has anyone seen anything like this in the UK?

Think it is a great idea, but not willing to have one shipped from Canada.

Maybe I’m being an idiot,
But how on earth do you use it? :blink:

wtf? :crazy:

What a load of donkey bollox :confused:

Nope, but you can get something similar on eBay for £43 from Hungary :crazy:

Nowt wrong with a bit of wood though.

get a bike with a centre stand. or lean it on the side stand and get a mate to lube the chain.

ive got one similar to that that ive now always got in my backpack. will post pic in a bit. ignore the dirt :smiley:

for that price you could buy a paddock stand…

mine was a present which im very grateful for.

when you can fit a paddock stand in your bag and go abroad let me know :D. no to mention this takes 2 seconds with no effort and holds upt 350kg or something silly. well the one i got given does anyway… the one in the link above looks very flimsy compared to mine

ignore the dirt :stuck_out_tongue: (cant resize image as im posting from the iphone)

pic’s a little on the large size

I hadn’t thought of going on a long trip… probably as I haven’t really ridden my bike since Jan :frowning:

Fair point. And I would definitely agree with the fact that Daniel’s looks a lot sturdier!

Any links?

A piece of wood is fine, but you have partially lift the bike, which I want to avoid.

Alternatively, pop over the road to B and Q, buy a short length of aluminum channel and a bolt.

Also Dan’s one has height adjustment. This one doesn’t.