Stainless lines with no plastic covers?

I bought some steel brake lines second hand recently, they were a bit dirty and had no plastic sleeves.
Easy solution - shrink wrap.

I found that 12.7mm was the right size for mine, I had to remove one end of the steel ‘ring’ fitting first (perhaps someone can chime in with the real name).

Worked a treat :slight_smile:

It’s a banjo :slight_smile:

And that looks like it worked out great for you! Is it heavy duty shrink wrap though? the stuff I used on electrical connections doesn’t look like it would hold up very well…

Aaahh… it is a banjo! I had an idea it might be but wasn’t too sure. Thanks.

No, it seems quite tough although it isn’t labelled as heavy duty to be honest and I haven’t put them on or used them (perhaps it’s a bit premature to judge).
But seeing as they are really only for water and dust proofing the braided steel, they should be okay.

i hope you used a new olive cos it will leak if not

olive is the squishy bit inside of nut that screws onto banjo.


Have you got a photo of one? I’ve got the bolt (which is longer to accommodate the two banjos).

Nice job. I like that, looks tidy.

After a bit of searching, I think I get you now.
I didn’t see the olive when unscrewing the banjo; I assume it was contained within the hose.

That looks like it has worked a treat…look at you all DIY and ****. :smiley:

lol, no there is the banjo onto which the olive slips onto and then the nut which is over the braided hose bolts too and squashes the olive to make a seal.

so yes beware it may leak if you didnt do new 1s.

here but olive normally does not have a slit in it.

As always :wink:
In all seriousness, I very much look up to those that do all their own stuff - mechanics, design, painting, fabricating custom parts etc.

Cool. Thanks for the tip.
Given the state they were in when I got them, it’s probably better to have another look when I can.

Garrett im not impressed…

Why didnt you clean the banjo’s fully? Get the gunk clear and all polished up.

Yes, new olives would have been best (I hope you have new copper washers?)

Personally I would clean as they are now and fit them. If they leak…then you can take them off and do it again.

The sleeving i think is awesome. Great idea. Love the fact how simple it is, even fact that you can get heatshrink in most colours meaning the lines can be customised into different colours! You could almost do stripes of two different colours all the way on the.

I love the look you have got!

Yea, I took the photos before cleaning out the rust from the banjoes, but it’s gone now.
I could have a go at them with the polishing bit of a Dremel, but to be honest, they won’t need to be shiny shiny, it’s not my thing.

My mechanic friend has loads of copper washers lying around, I’ll ask him about the olives though.

Thanks, however I have yet to test them under ‘working conditions’, so I’m not sure how they’ll do.

Also, I can’t actually see many people being in this position (having brake lines without plastic sleeving).
But it’s nice to know I suppose.