Stage-1 tuning @ Crescent

Hello chaps. Today I had a blast down to Bournemouth to visit Crescent Suzuki (Mecca!) for the first-stage of tuning. Eagledriver has beaten me though and is well ahead, boo hoo There was lots of eye-candy, and thankfully they didn’t have a store-card scheme so I couldn’t over-induldge.

The power-commander and bmc race air filter were installed by them, but the quick-shifter wasn’t as they said it wouldn’t work, as a seperate ignition module would be required, because of the second set of injectors. This module was £200! ****ers, they just want to make more and more money out of you. I’ll still install the QS though, just for looks.

They made a custom-map for the power-commander and got a best result of 169bhp and 83ft/lb of torque. Not bad for a first attempt. I’m SERIOUSLY taken in by their other tuning options. New stacks, yoshi cam-shafts and then there’s the bhp-saving procedures such as 520 chain conversion, better oil, etc.

On the way back I was instantly hit by how much of an improvement it was. It would bog-down when pulling away before, but no such effect now! It pulls strongly. They even opened the engine and reinstalled the clutch for free, checking the settings, as I told them about my clutch jerking as I pulled away from stationary. They did that for free, so I was well chuffed, and so far it hasn’t jerked!

Oh, some guy in a Subaru Impretzer also gave me the opportunity to test the smoothness of the engine out on the way home… ****, I didn’t realise those cars were fast. He wasn’t fast for too long though, the k5 just pissed off into the distance. The engine now pulls a lot stronger in second gear, around town that’s SO useful, it’s superb, it made me scream in my lid on more than one occasion coming home!

There’s a new gallery up with pictures.

Nice pics Jay! I’m really upset I missed that… but my wallet thanks !!!

fookin hell jay! You don’t do things by halves! By blade seems lethargic in comparision… Those are hyabusa beating figures…but I bet that fat torque makes the bike sublime to ride. You wheelied off the power in 3rd yet?!lol

I was reading Fast Bikes mag and it was interesting to note Jamie Wilkins zx10r. He has a full sato (or arata?!) system and the bike is pelting out 173bhp!!!But interestingly, the k5 is probably faster due to its low down grunt.

Out of interest have you managed to ride the 10 and the k5 back-to-back?? I am seriously tempted on te 10…mainly due to its kick arse evil looks tho!lol

Also, have you ever found the power of the k5 a liability? e.g. exiting cornets hard.

Take care and ride safe…i look forward to the latest update on your bike!

p.s. there are some cars that you just can’t mess with on bends and will occasionally suprise you on the straights! In particular…look out for my mate’s banana yellow gt3 in central London…I have tried to keep up through hyde park corner only to see it disappear down the road. When I was in it, i found out why…56mph through those bends …and the cbr6 rider couldnt keep up down the a41 at 2am…despite his valiant efforts.

so was there a problem with the clutch after all ?

I can understand why you needed the extra power… all the bike mags were saying that the K5 was a bit slow and gutless… want to swap?

y did i look at the gallery i want my exhaust on now now now ! are well another 100 miles and first service will be out of the way and then dyno here we come

nice pics mate love to go mad in there with a credit card

your bikes looking pritty cool bet it gose like stink

I’d like to go there with somebody elses credit-card! Yeah, I’m happy, the power-curve is super-smooth and linear. It pulls so cleanly and doesn’t get its knickers in a twist. The torque is mad, very progressive. Donnington GP booked up for August, want to get one in before then!

Hi Jay you must be well pleased with the bike now, did you ask them about the valves burning out with short exhausts ???

Yeah, they said it’s crap and they’ve heard of no such problems.

Cheers mate i was getting worried

hi Jay,

Your K5 looks and sounds wicked and the engine mods cool! Just wondering, have you had your suspention set up at all?
I have a 2000 R1 and couldnt belive the difference when I did the Brands GP circuit after having the suspension set up properly at Setup Engineering and a set of Rennsports. The feedback and confidence was amazing, I was much quicker and couldn’t belive that fiddling with a few screws could make such a difference!

Hi there MrGee… You should come to Brands on one of the sessions we’re going to do… Oh and we’ll be out on Fri evening just call me and I’ll let you know the times etc…

Hey MrGee, thanks! Yes, the suspension has been uprated and setup. The rear shock has been swapped out with a custom-built Ohlins unit by KTech, with settings dialed in accordingly, and the stock forks are great as standard, though they’ve been setup by an Ohlins professional as well.

The stock suspension is very, very capable, with superb feel from the front, but there was room for improvement from the rear which is where the Ohlins unit came in, it now has much better high and low-speed damping, which allows me to really feel the ground under the back-end when driving hard out of corners, also resulting in better traction.

All I have to do now, is learn to ride quickly

yeah i have been thinking of messing with suspension. where can i get it all set up properly?

Fan, Setup Engineering in Wandsworth is the place to go to in London, they do professional setup work, I’ve heard good things about them.

Yeah, Jay’s right, I had mine set up there a couple of years back. I think they do a few different packages from setting up your standard suspension, to changing the front fork internals and changing the oil/velosity, then to like what jay’s done to his bike.

There may be other places but I was recomended by a few people to go there. the guy’s name is James and you can ring em on 020 8877 3255.
I’m sure he used to spanner for Randy mamola?.

You fellas are lucky!! You seem to have everything bike related within reaching distance. Im trying to find somebody to set up my Suspension correctly and also to cut my Akro cans down but having no luck whatsoever up in North East ( Middlesbrough) Green with envy

Hi guys, I would be interested in your opinions on my 1000k5 suspension upgrade/setup

been looking around, asking, listening, still undecided . . .

choices narrowed down to, in no particular order

maxton shock + front revalve + settings from/by them

k-tech ohlins shock + front revalve + settings from/by them

kais ohlins shock + front revalve + settings from/by them

set up engineering ohlins shock + front revalve + settings from/by them

Although we are only 1 week, 500 miles into our relationship, it is love, but I can feel the [excellent for standard] rear shock needs fiddling with, but even when done, is unlikely to give the orgy of feedback and grip that you get from a top quality jobbie.


What sort of riding will you be doing? The stock equipment is very good, with the forks feeling great as stock on the track (I’ve done four trackdays on the K5 so far). Kais and K-Tech are the two biggest names in suspension, in the racing world, so if you want the best, I’d speak to them. K-Tech did me proud with the Ohlins shock.