Stacey and the snake

Stuff that!

Is that Blue’s snake? Or is that hers?

That thing was absolutely adorable !

Oi get your own thread

no frightfully chance… ewwwww keep it away runs and hides

wtf!!! i don`t say frightfully it meant to say f o o k :smiley:


awww its only a snake :slight_smile:

Sorry Shivarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

yeah get outa my thread!!!

Why do i look scared in the pic? lol wasnt scared as i own snakes myself…

This was Blues snake, used to be my bros


Thought me & the dog had found a snake tonight, but it turned out to be one of these little fellas

Rather relieved as you don’t expect snakes in Wembley. Never seen one of these before, he was quite cute and strangely the dog didn’t try to eat him:D

Haven’t seen a slow-worm in ages! We used to catch them all the time in Cornwall and up on Dartmoor when I was a teenager. Funny little things! :slight_smile: