ST1300 v FJR 1300

I thought I would ask the good and wise folks of the ether but ended up with you lot instead… I am a little biased as I have owned a ST1300 (paneuropean) before and am sorely tempted by one that I have found. There are one or two well piced FJR’s out there as well but I am not sure if it is the equal although marketed as one? What do you guys think? I know they are both flying sofas but I can vouch for the fact that with the panniers off you can also have some knee down fun with the Pan and have surprised some Gixxers at how willingly it will hustle. Does anybody have any drect comparison experience?

I used to belong to the FJ/FJR club… People take the FJR to the Ring and blast around leaving “sports” bikes behind… They are cracking good bikes with lovely low down torque and have held up well.

Best place to look is here at the FJ/FJR Forum.

Also have a look at for fun. A modified FJ1200 that is being raced, putting out 146bhp at the rear wheel… Leading in the Forgotten Era Championships at present too.

Got a few friends with FJRs, and they really can fly.Much better motor-wise than the pan, better looking, too.

Got a mate flogging an 06 plate (AE model) one at the mo…

ridden quite a few of both and the FJR is a cracking bike , definatly faster and sportier than a pan if thats of any interest but its a great bike to ride , seats not as good as the pans but its far more manouverable and feels physically smaller than it is , far better brakes etc…

im 6ft 3 and i find on either the 1100 or 1300 pan my kness are pressed against the fairing when im riding , smooth motor though but no better built than an FJR is really

ride both back to back if you can and see what you think

If I had a choice I’d go for the FJR - looks sportier and more attitude/fun than the pan while being capable of doing the same distance duties.