St patricks day Parade

It seems we’re having a parade for everybody and anybody, but will there be a St George’s day parade. I think not.


what?..were’s the mention of st george’s day?

were’s the bells and whistles for that…?

worlds gone potty i say!!!

Mebbe we could organise one…

with ya there m8. Ya would have thought that it would be the biggest celebration day, but no not in your own country, lol.

anything to piss kunt livingstone and his w@nkers off too!

It would doubtless be seen as ‘anti-foriegner’ or ‘anti-immigrants’ or some such nonsense.

World’s gone mad I tell you.

Sorry Guys and Gals, but, being part Irish I am all in favour of a big celebration on st Patricks day. I do agree that not enough is done to celebrate St Georges Day.

I used to work for a retired Army Colonel who made me raise the St George Cross on April 23rd, used to hang on a pole mounted on a narrow street and the loony council used to go barmy at him for it.

Perhaps a ride out on the 23rd April could be arranged for St Georges Day followed by a traditional pie n pint ? It is on a Sunday this year. I am more then happy to ride under the banner of St George.

Maybe its a good day out for Ken and his mate Jerry

Yet again Ken opens his arms to a strange role model for the youth of london. Who next?

Perhaps it would have been nice to have a St David’s day parade too - us Welsh can get drunk at least as well as the Irish!


St George’s day ride out, I like the sound of that, who’s up for
an organized ride out then? George cross mandatory!

im up for that but we would need to end up somewhere poinient to being british there is a location somewhere in the english countryside where st george was supposidly have killed the dragon?? i will research …

Nice one, lets see how many people we can get together…

…well it seems he slayed the dragon on dragon hill at Uffington which is somewhere in berkshire, i remeber going as kid ther is a chalk patch on top where the blood of the dragon was spilt

Sounds a fitting destination what do you think njs71 ???:

looked on map just past newbury for a distance ref and betwwen didcot and faringdon

Sounds good to me Flatout, i’ll do another posting, see who we can get onboard mate.

yeah cool, im with you all the way unsure of a route but lets see wat the deal is with the LB fellowship

st goerges day well theres a subject that the ass hole ken livingstone really hates to hear i bet every year there is a gruop trying to get him to pay for some sort of parade just like the sh***y way he piles money into celebrating the irish one (no insult ment to the irish) come on ken get your thumb out of your ass and give this country something good unlike the cc charge the greatest sight i have seen in london was when we won the rugby world cup oxford street was a mass of the correct flag the st georges cross LOVE IT so lets do something to push kens hand into his massive budget that we all pay into

Ok dokey and mebbe I’ll ride the English 'ped too!

it is simple to moan, harder to act…

start a committee to ensure a St Georges Day Parade takes place.
invite English Culture clubs to attend.
Choose a location
obtain permission.

optional - get sponsorship

then parade away…