St John's Ambulance: Emergency Aid for Motorcyclists

In light of recent events, I thought it might not be a bad idea for us to learn basic life saving skills, as far as motorcyclists are concerned.

St John’s Ambulance are running an “Emergency Aid for Motorcyclists” course which covers vital lifesaving and resuscitation techniques, as well as how to handle emergency situations, as well as how to remove a crash helmet, should there be a need (i.e., when the person is not breathing or breathing cannot be ascertained).

The course lasts 4.5h and is run Mondays to Saturdays. Maximum group size is 12 per trainer, at a cost of £44 per person (incl VAT). They can run this at ‘our’ venue (within M25; perhaps the Ace or perhaps somebody’s got a space at their office we could use?) or at one of their centres (this limits availability, though, as they are used for the standard courses). They need a room of 350 sq.ft. At the moment, next availability is the first week of May.

At the moment, I’m gauging interest, and if there are more than 12 people interested, we could book two (or even more) trainers. For me, it’d have to be a Saturday, but if there are people who can do mid-week, we could try for one of those as well. Could those people that want to do it please also think if they know of a venue, ideally we’d have one person in each group who can provide the venue.

The earlier we book, the earlier course date, so let’s get organised!

Count me in! definitely saturday as well, please!

Fantastic Paivi! Count me in.

I should be back from Spain on 22nd just in time for the SG run and then I’m free.

OK, we need nine more for a Saturday (possibly 6 May, as that’d be the Saturday of the first week of May). Can we please get confirmations for 12 people for this Saturday asap so we can book it.

Cezar, any chance of using a lecture theatre or something like that at the Uni?

I will have a check on that and i will let you know!

I’m in. And 6th May is good.

Love your work Paivi

Count me in too - I think this is a really great idea.


Great idea - my last first aid training was in 2001 - but can’t do till end of June I’m afraid…

Well done Paivi anyway

Thats a great idea and well priced by the looks of it…

I’m already trained up so won’t be needing it but well done you!

If we get 12 now for the Saturday, we can then arrange another one later on for another 12. So, please let me know if you’d like to do this even if you can’t do the date mentioned. Ideally, I’d like all 925 of us to do this, as one day one of you guys might be in a position to save my life.

Paivi, Count me in.

I will try to arrange a training room! No promises.

Just off Bishopsgate!


I’m basic first aid trained already P, and if i ever have the wife with me you got no worries, as she is a nurse. (lucky me!!)

Bloody good idea though, could come in handy!!