St James, what a feck up.

These fecking imbeciles who supposedly “run” our transportation, have they no brains at all.

Traffic chaos today, signs everywhere proclaiming the new St James 2 way system to be active from the 3rd or 4th of July, but it looks completely unfinished, with screens and roadwork barriers still all over the place so everyone was going straight on down Piccadilly, well almost everyone.

Then they’d closed Orange st so you couldn’t get from Haymarket to Covent Garden, then they’d closed Cockspur st, so no traffic other than buses using the bus lane could get through to Trafalgar sq. So all Haymarket traffic had to turn right onto Pall Mall. No problem when its a 4 lane 1 way road. Oh wait, it isn’t anymore, its now a 2 lane road. So then the traffic had to negotiate Pall Mall and try to get back up Regent st to Shaftesbury Avenue, but the top of Regent st by Picaddilly Circus is blocked by the tailbacks from Haymarket.

Come down Charing cross rd to get on to Northumberland Avenue or Whitehall, sorry, closed at St Martins Place, must turn left onto the Strand, the very direction most of the damn traffic has just come from.

Must have been a pretty severe accident to cause such chaos and so many road closures you might think, maybe a terrorist incident.

Nope, its the fecking premiere of Harry Potter, what a bloody farce. Must have cost businesses thousands today, could they not hold the bloody premiere on a Saturday night, or even in Hyde park where its not gonna cause chaos for thousands of people trying to get around.

Phew, rant over, had to get that off my chest. :smiley:

What gets me is they’ve made Weighhouse Street one way heading South from Gilbert Street. That was the only cut-through to Park Lane…s’pose cabbies must be upset about this too.

It’s a fcking joke around London these days - the way they funnel you around via one way streets can be a nightmare - to get to a destination you have to take exactly the right sequence of turns - which is okay if you you go to place regulalry or are a cab driver whose done the knowledge - but if they close a street off - which they do all the time either for road works or events - and force you to take a new route it can really fck things up as you find yourself looking at the building/parking spot you need to get to but you can’t get there because the street is one way - forcing you around the whole loop again - and when you have to be at a place to do some work at a specific time you can start really losing your temper with it.

Much as I love london - the problem is a historical one - as the street plan is a mixture of the medieval and victorian - sometimes I actually wish it was some kind of souless hyper-modern city with a rational street layout :doze: