St. James square - resurfacing 09/03 to 14/03

For those of you who park their bike in St. James’ Square. please be advised the bike parking bays all around the square will be suspended from March 9th till 14th due to road resurfacing, which is a bloody pain in the arse, i tell ya! anyway just thought of letting other know…


St James Square.JPG

Thanks for the heads up. Pain in the arse as is around there!

So it’s gonna look like this then ?

Excellent! Might get to see some games.


st james park.jpg

That’ll be pukka, cause I’m on the 7th floor there and got a wopping good view of it… come on you blueeeeeeeesssssss!!!

I thought it was going to be a bit more like this



Oi less of that “come on the blues”!! That’s blasphemy.

It’ll be black and whites only my friend. And a northern accent will ensure you get to the Kebab shop in one piece.

You Chelsea rabble can go and get your own ground (out near Stamford if I remember), preferably one that has grass on it!!! Ahahahaha

sorry mate… in case you forgot, lets have a look at the facts:



See the problem with football is that the ball is the wrong shape

Oww you cold blooded monster.

At least we don’t have a couple of pantomime dames who throw themselves to the ground at the slightest provocation. Hehe

When our guys start, at least its a decent scrap (even if it is amongst themselves).

How come John Terry and Lampers stand for those tactics? They seem honest hard working lads. I hear rumours that Terry is fancying joining the mighty black&whites simply to play alongside the legendary Jean-Alain Boumsong.


Matt, only one thing to say to you.

“New balls please”

Avoid the area guys, it’s madness out there! Most of the bikers are using the pavements coz it’s grid lock.

So it’s them giving the area a bad name eh? LOL

What, parking on the ‘cycle lane’? Cue loads of outraged cycle couriers!