St George's Day Ride - for info only

Following a big effort on Flatouts part I can now post details of the ride.

Date - Sunday 22nd April 2007

Set Off Time - Meet Time 9:00 for a 9:30 set off! Follow the yellow R1 and silver cbf600

Location - Ace Cafe - St Georges Mount and back again.

We’ll head off from the Ace. This will be a one group ride and will be navigated by MattCBF600 (thanks Matt and your Tom Tom!). The route will be similar to last years for those that went. Shortly after leaving the Ace we will be stopping at a large lay-by to sort the group out so everyone is happy.

The route will be a route out to Whitehorse Hill where we will stop for lunch. Bring a packed lunch please. There will be a pee stop on the way.


The roads will be normal A and B roads and Matt is plotting this into his TOM TOM for the day. Flatout has worked hard with Matt in sorting the route out with Puppy supplying the original details - it’s all sorted.

Cornerman system will be in operation! Again as on the France trip stop at the point given by the leader and wait for the 2 rear markers Myself and Westie to pass you - You will be shown the bikes to watch out for so there will be no excuses for anyone who leaves a corner early. There is no need to worry about being left behind - if people do the corner job properly then all will be well.

All please note - this is a fun ride out! Please respect all local traffic laws blah blah blah - no doubt they are watching threads like this so best of order ladies and gents please and let the show commence!

The people who have asked to help please coma and see me and Flatout at the Ace on Sunday morning!