St Davids Day Ride-Out Gallery Live

Thanks guys had a great day yesterday - was good to blow the winter cobwebs away - here’s the gallery and short simple article.

Terry… I will get my own back for this you bugger!

Some great pictures there. Looks like it was a fantastic day.

Surely this ones crying out for a caption competition -

What’s with the sheepshagger shirts, I didn’t see these!? Was a nice day out, thanks Matt!

ive got loads of pics too, but apparantly my girlfriend (the photographer) said i was shooting in RAW, whatever that means, is it something to with meat?

Anyway as soon as the lazy cow has converted them into jpegs i will email them over.

Thanks again guys, was a great day matt, nice meeting you and Jay, as well as SheWoolf, TerryMoto, Tug, noAfroR1 and the rest.

RAW means the camera stores the exact data of everything, so you can mess with it more in Photoshop. Instead of a pic taking maybe 3 or 4 meg, they take 10-13 meg.

I assume she already has the converter (Windows doesn’t know what to do with a RAW shot) -

Comments on BMW riders will not be appreciated…

That’s just being a spoilsport

Hi Andy, yeah I know what RAW is, I was just taking the p, however after begging her all week for the camera, she left on RAW as thats how she shoots, next time I will get her to set it before I borrow, lets hope I get it right for France, lol

Or someone else can take the pics.

Tugs gallery: and thanks matt for a great day,cheers .<look into my eyes,look into my eyes>

Tug ,Terry moto, Ben and Dannyboy having fun at the races at Clacton-on-Sea

[Try as much as he could, Terry could only get a knee down on a stationary arcade machine…]

[Who won?.. Depends on who you ask… (Doesn’t it always?)]

[With the wind in their hair…well, dannyboy’s at least… they raced without a care, now concentrate boys…]

[Ben and dannyboy patiently waiting… “donuts will come to you naturally my son, one day…”]

who wrote the captions on Tug’s pics? Too many words and too funny for Tug himself, lol

my mum

Well you will be famous now! The last time I looked that pic had 238 hits.

Don’t call Terry your mum, that’s just wrong

That’s cos you left immediately after you arrived

Care to elaborate then???

Not particularly Besides:

<— I’m allowed to make those comments…

Christ it’s got more hits than the group photo at the begining

I don’t give into peer pressure… But I’m never wearing that dayglow thing again on an LB ride out

There must be something witty to say about the pic of Terry getting his kneee down but I cant think of it!

Love the pics…It’s not fair you all went to Clapton without me…

terry.s not my mum ,his my bitch