SSM Trackday Lydd

SSM Trackday

Lydd, Kent 18th March 2012

(Sessions from 10:00am)

Open to all Supermotos.
Bikes must conform to race spec i.e. catch tanks, crash bobbins and peg sliders, lock wire and hand guards.
£65.00 AMCA Licence Holders

£70.00 Non Licence Holders

Please contact us via phone or email.


SSM Team

Oh lord I’d be so up for this if I hadn’t retired!

Best sm track in SE england by a country mile imo (or mebbe even best in uk) - and this must be the 1st track day there for what, 4 or 5 years?

(Was thinking of you last night Hein - was revisiting that Rowrah footage you gave me from 2010 - never really thanked you properly for that :wink: Have spent v little time on the forums of late so don’t know what you and Grant have been up to - having fun I hope?)

Sounds good, will go with my smc but not sure abut peg sliders? …that could be sorted but lock wire? Is it really essential?
Is it joining the SSM race or separate group of amateurs will be left to wobble around? :smiley:

I’d be up for it if it wasn’t for the fact I wouldn’t know how to prepare the EXC.
Don’t know what half of those things mean :Whistling:

You retiring?? Shitty news that. And this years FlidFest is going to be bigger and better than ever.

It has been a funny old year. Broke my wrist at the last British round, got stuck in plaster for 10 weeks. Plaster got removed, 2 weeks later I fall of the enduro bike and broke the wrist again. Got very fed up and sold all my bikes, except for the 990 ADV to take a year of racing.

In the meantime Grant started to prep his bike for the upcoming season. I soon got very depressed and jealous. So I searched around and found a new bike. Something really exotic and not a KTM. Watch this space:)

Although the preparations sound over the top it is really necessary.

Everyone at Southern Supermoto will always go out of their way to help out. So just ask on the forum or PM me.

Sliders: These work a treat Pegsliders Ebay

Lockwire: It is really not nice if someone else have a spill and most if his bike and bodily fluids dislodge all over track. It takes time to clean up and in most cases the track is closed for that time.

The main areas:
Filter Covers
Oil Filler cap
Drain Bolts
Radiator Cap if you running anti freeze

Just drill a few small holes (2mm) in the bolts. Most of the guys at the track will have lock wire and pliers. Or just search for me. It takes a few minutes to set up.

There will be sessions and I know from experience that you will not feel out paced in the novice group.

The biggest problem is the expense of racing, as I might talk you into doing a few rounds.

I’ll be 65 this year so retirement is entirely appropriate I’d say. Haven’t given up biking just yet though, just track action. (I officially went into retirement at the last FlidFest actually, I’d already decided it was going to be my last track day - would have preferred it not to have ended with a crash though.)

So you have been having an eventful time haven’t you! Busted wrists are no fun at all, did mine once coming off at Brands a few years ago and I know all about that one. But doing it again 2 weeks out of plaster, f*ckin hell, I’d be more than fed up. So, something exotic, not orange - yellow then mebbe? RMZ450? Go on, gizza clue!

{edit} hang on, you’re not buying taffy Jeff’s CR/F 500 black wotsit are you? They don’t come much more exotic than that - but let yourself loose on that thing and you’ll be breaking more than your wrist I reckon! {/edit}

Lydd pics :slight_smile:

More, slow group mostly -> Lydd Supermoto 2012 pictures by motodrb - Photobucket

now you’ve had the 500 a while what do you think?

Only did 6 mth but I like it :slight_smile:

As good as 525 & 530, feels even lighter but that’s probably because smc was so heavy. Good for the road almost as good as smc, much better off road and on tight track.
I enjoyed racing at Lydd, it wouldn’t be as much fun on the smc. SMC was better on faster tracks like Mallory and Rockingham… will be good to have both plus light 200exc for off road and time to ride them all :smiley:

Lydd Supermoto track day again - 25november :slight_smile: