SRAD RWU forks - KnockNoise

For any peeps with RWU SRAD forks, or possably anyone else.

Do you notice a nocking noise from the front end when going over bumpy road. Its post probably the EBC pads which are not a brill fit and the EBC disks that rattle a tad. Just want to see what other peoples experiance of this is.

Yes head bearing is tight to spec and no movement in front end bearings.

It’s either your headraces, needs a fork oil change, pad movement in the calipers or the bushes are gone.

No its not normal.

i have a 98 srad with usd forks and tomorrow i am going to be changing the front pads and calipers because of a noise/rattle which has been trased to a bad fitting pad which over time has worn away the caliper.

while i was looking for a used set of calipers the problem was finding a matching pair because this seem to be a common problem with one being worn.

the noise you are hearing might well be the pad being rammed down in the caliper where is has been worn away.

good luck

There is no notchyness or movement from the headraces though they are missmatched (one needle rolers the other caged ball bearings), fork oil only changed 2 weeks ago, forks all inspected and all moving free and easy without any noise.
So thinking more of pad/disk movement in calipers.

What pads are you going to use? I have EBC HH pads, from what i have gathered from peeps, EBC have a good tendancy to make badly fitting pads. I might just get another set from another manuf to see if it stops.

i have put EBC pads in, the damaged calipers were all fitted with the original pads(toki).


Make sure the pad springs are fitted correctly and haven’t gone slack. You may notice that the pads aren’t a good fit in the caliper so slop about, you may notice a click when you brake, this is the pads moving to the top of the caliper, but it’s not there where the brake torque is applied that the most wear usually occurs, it usually happens at the bottom end first, this is because the pad rattles around as you ride immeasurably more times than they move up when you brake, this makes the pad backing plate gradually wear into the caliper body.

I’ve welded up a couple of sets of these calipers, (Tokico 4 & 6 piston), so that the pads are a good fit to reduce this problem, but also I would avoid EBC pads as the back plates are stamped not cut, this often results in the back plates not having square ends, the pads don’t fit well and the wear force is applied on a smaller area - back plate steel, caliper aluminium alloy, guess which wears first.

cheers sid,

i should have read your post first. The job was done over the weekend, i will keep an eye on them but your discription was very acurate. i have kept the old calipers and welding them has been suggested, i wasn’t to sure about that being a good idea.the calipers are 6 pot toki.