Srad Bling......

Hi All :smiley:

been working on my gixer over a few months
1998 (W)
Yoshi pipe
Nitron shock
pp rear sets
GSXR 750 swing arm (2001)
Wavey discs

I have had the bitch from new (10yrs) & I aint getting rid of her,
I thought that she needed a make over & some bling,
I always loved the 750 swing arm so she had to have one,
she has a Nitron shock fitted & the rear sets are from PP raceing, (not many make them for the 1998 srad ) they came in black so I now know what “hard anodising” is all about lol, :w00t:
I also gave her a set of wavey disc’s
I had the wheels calipers & a few other bits powder coated,
gave her lot’s of led’s aswell & to many other bit’s n bob’s to mention & finally lot’s n lot’s of polishing,

I hope you like her :smiley:

Very sharp and very clean!:w00t:

I’ve always wondered how you’d get those underbody lights to work on a bike, any chance of some pics in the dark with them on?

Very swish think id be to lazy to clean her like she deserves

bit too many stickers for my liking but loving the lion, :wink:

Hmmm… not keen on the shiny stuff / blue screen/LEDs (although I’m told it’s mandatory on all blue and white W/C gixxers)
Lovely shock, though :slight_smile:
Also - are those front discs on the wrong way round ?

Which make of bike is it?

So long as your happy with it thats all that matters. At least it stands out;)

Thank’s for reply’s guy’s :smiley:

btw the front rotors are ambidextrous :wink:

It sure does show that she’s had some TLC! Very shiny, nice to see someone investing some time in the old skool bikes. I love my SRAD but she’ doesn’t look anything like that. Fair play!:smiley:

very busy, good work

Good to see another SRAD rider taking care of their old girl, little bit too much bling for me but hey as long as you like it that’s what counts.

What undertray/tail tidy have you got as that’s one thing I want to do with mine next?

I love my 750, had it 6yrs or so now and I have no intention of getting rid of her, too comfortable, too fast and too much fun! :smiley:


Hi Tim, “nice Bitch m8” :wink:
My undertray was from pyramid plastics, a little bit fiddly to fit & not stock colour (hardly notice)
you will have to cut rear mudguard though but a really good fit :w00t:

old school all the way :slight_smile:

hey timbo, leave the standard undertray and light set up as is.

when i had my srad it had aftermarket undertray on etc and it was crap, got a standard 1 and was much better.