Squeaky Wheel

So, I’m brand new to biking, passed the DAS today (other post about that in the Newbies section).

Took my new bike out for the first time thais afternoon (don’t waste any time), and noticed a squeak from the front wheel at low speeds.

Anyone have any ideas what the cause/solution might be?

Its a 2011 Honda CBR600F, and only has a few hundred miles on the clock…

Brake pads probably, could be worth your time having a look at the calipers and maybe putting some copperslip on the back of the pads.

If it’s been standing for a week or more out in the open or in a damp or badly ventilated garage, try a few “emergency stops” using the front brake, see if that helps.

Hmm. Don’t overdo the stops if you are fairly new to the bike. You don’t want to lose the front end quite yet. Oh, and do make sure there is no one too close behind you.

it could be a brake pad dragging slightly on one of the discs, does it disappears under braking ?

it could also be a wheel bearing or speedo sensor…

drip some oil between the front forks and the hub of the front wheel should clear it up of any noise as i had that noise in my front wheel of my old aerox100 once i did that the noise went.

He’s a new rider. I would very much advise him to avoid any sort of oil near the front wheel.

If you don’t know much about bikes then take it to a Honda dealer seeing as it’s a 2011 bike…

aslong as he drip the oil between the fork and the hub and keeps away from the disc and the pads he cant go wrong .

Yes but the oil could run down from the hub to the outside of the disc, affecting the breaking surface…

just have tissue,oil and gloves use tissue to wise access oil away or use tube of lube and apply it using your gloved hand to the hub of the wheel

apart from the fact that a scooter is a bit different than a bike,

i also wont suggest any oiling on the forks, get somebody with experience to help you identify the noise, more likely on the breaking pads area :slight_smile:

I popped into Burwin Motorcycles a couple of days ago and they suggested to continue riding and that the pads are just bedding in.

I’ll do another couple of hundred miles and see whats happening then.

sorry im confused was the noise coming when breaking or just rinding normally with no pressue oput on the brakes? if its when your braking then will be brake pads , brake dust or road dirt can cause that.