squeaky brakes


try some copper grease between pots and pads
what pads have they fitted btw?

Just as The Bat said.

Take the pads out, coat the retaining pins and the back of the pads with copper slip/copper ease and put things back together.

If you have thin springy shims between the caliper pistons and the back of the pads, copper grease those as well. Make sure you get them back the right way round.

Keep the grease off the pads! It does not improve the braking having it lubricated.

While the pads are out, take a note of the make/number, go on line and check that they are the right ones for your bike. If their not, go back to the service place and make a fuss.

everything as above! but also worth taking some sand paper to the pad surface themselves! to deglaze from all the shiiiit and grease from the road this time of year :slight_smile:

Just a foot-note: be-careful not to grease up the business side of the pads :slight_smile:


be careful not to eject pistons by accident when pads are removed
apart of polluting environment it usually causes a major pain in the ar$e :smiley:



any car parts place like halfrauds will have the grease i would go with a tube, might also be worth while your there to get some brake cleaner and clean the disks with a rag spray the brake cleaner on then wipe the rag over them also get a drill bit that fits the holes in your disks and clean them out by pushing it back and forth through the hole

is that a trick question? lol can you imagine spraying grease on pads/brakes, lolalways try cleaning your discs too, can buy brake cleaner at halfords too, just sprays onto discs etc and evaporates quickly.

I have had the same problem with my CBF600 for the last 18 months - they are known for it apparently. Copper grease did not do the trick but at the last service Honda Chiswick used anti squeal grease (I think it has rubber compounds in it or something) anyway it seems to have solved the problem.

Err… I use Wurth spray copper grease… and it’s fine - you just have to be careful.
Only needs a smear on the back of the pads, so just spray a touch in the midle and spread it with you finger.

Each to their own, but I find aerosols an expensive, difficult to store, waste of money when the same thing it available in a tube for less, containing more material.

I’m just coming to the end of an 85 gm tube of Comma Copper Ease bought in Halfords in 1988 ish for 98p. Apparently. And yes, I mostly do service my own bikes and cars.

Bet the replacement costs more than double, probably three times that.

I’m with you there oldguy , i think that goes for all aerosols . Iv started buying a 4 ltr can of jizer and dacanting in to garden type spray bottles for cleaning /degreasing and gonna follow that sorta theme with other types of fluid etc, despite the mind boggling array of wonder sprays i can’t see why a few industrial type products are not better and cheaper especially if you have a few bikes in the household like us .
I am also now buying engine oil in 20ltr drums for the same reason .

WD-40 will stop the squeak

I got it free from the Wurth rep…along with a lot of the aerosols I have in the garage.
I wouln’t pay money for it, I’d buy a tub of copper grease but if it’s free, it’s a bargain :slight_smile:

gurninman you don’t have to justify your life to me, but since you have, I’m all for a good blag.

I’m the owner of so many free samples, bargain buys and bits of salvage I sometimes wonder where the money goes.