Squeaky Boots

I wear a pair of Sidi Adventure boots on my GS. Love the boots although they are incredibly squeaky to walk in, so much so that its even starting to irritate me not just anyone around me. 

Anyone got any quirky tips / tricks to stop boots squeaking so much?

They are usually supplied with a small bottle of clear lubricant.  Careful though, if you use WD40 of similar, as it tends to run and smell.

try silicone grease. WD40 make some in a spray can. wipe off any excess. 

or if you want to go old school, use dubbin. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Woly-Dubbin-Neutral-repelent-Polish/dp/B003UFSZO0

I use mr shean

I use mr shean Wise
... however he had to stop when Mrs Shean found out ....

O dear

rub the lead of a pencil under the part that squeaks - it’ll stop, when it starts doing it again just apply some more lead!

Pay for them?

You can buy graphite powder …mainly used for locks etc

Didn’t have any probs when I sprayed mine with WD40 and wiped off the excess…Worked a treat as the squeaking was doing my head in…Now I have no squeak (except for when i open my wallet)

Get a pair of Halfords/Lidl/Aldi  £30 boots ;-))

Same as Napa I use WD40, does the trick. I use it for most things :grinning:

Don’t walk…just ride