Squeaky ABS Breaks - What Grease?

Hey Folks,

So the breaks on my CBR600FAB started are squeaking at low speed. It really starts to annoy me. Not only it sqeaks but I can also feel the vibration on the bars.

I read some suggestions about putting grease behind the pads and cleaning/greasing everything. I’ve got a question:

Should I get “Castrol Red Rubber Grease” which supposedly is for break rebuilds or should I get a regular copper grease? Or both and use one on the pistons and other on back of the pads?
Can I get away with doing all that without rebleeding the system. When the folks at FWR changed my discs and pads 3 months back they refused to replace the fluid claiming it can only be done at Honda Dealer because it’s an C-ABS model - what do you make of that?

For info: Discs have been replaced with OEM ones in December and HH Pads (can’t remember the brand) were put in literally 4 weeks before the new discs.

Thanks for the advice!

Ohoh, and any specific brand of the Grease you’d recommend?

If you can feel it through the bars I would look a lot further tan putting grease on the back of the pads

Take your bike back to FWR 

on the back of the pads I always thought you put copper grease… that’s what I’ve always put

Thanks guys. The vibration is only when the squeak happens. and it’s very gentle. But agreed, will go see FWR folks tomorrow.

At least it’s meant to be sunny! :slight_smile: