Squeaking brakes on my Honda CBR 125

Brakes on my Honda Cbr 125 have started squeaking. What could the problem be? Is it time to change the brake pads?
The bike has done 2500 miles and may not have had the brake pads changed by the previous owner.

depends on the sound… might just need some copper grease between the pad and the calipers

if its more like a grinding sound then you should check brake pad now as they might be the pads grinding against the disk - very bad.

either way a visual check should be done :wink:

Thanks. will check for it tonight.

What area are you in?

check the disk for a lip on the outer ring…if this gets to big it can cause the pads to stop sitting flush on the disk causing it to squeak

I am in central London.
Took the bike to the bike shop yesterday. The guy said the brakes were fine. Asked me to brake harder.
Something about there being metal in the composite which will eventually wear off.