Spyke 1 Piece Leather For Sale

I have a friend who has outgrown his 1-Piece leathers.

As the pictures show, they are in good condition, not had any sort of damage to them.

Brand as seen is SPYKE… (Size Euro 52).

They are at his place in Carshalton, Surrey, however, I can get them to ACE or BM if necessary.

Originally cost him £900 ( a couple of years ago, but been in the closet for about a year)

He is looking for £150.00 for them.

Let me know.



It has got Knee, Elbow and Shoulder armour in it !!

BUMP…Any reasonable offers?

tbh mate, those puke yellow sections make it look horrible!

Don’t mention that to Joby :stuck_out_tongue: