Spurs Game

oh well at lest we got to the QF, for the first time in the CL thats not to bad, and we got beat by the champs, but we need a new keeper if we get in again next season, so chins up spurs fans, we went one step closer than arsenal :smiley:

Your keeper looks like Morph

The champs are Barca. You got beat by a team that has been knocked out before the quarter finals every year since 2004. Still not a bad show tonight though. Last week gave you too much of a mountain to climb.

Yeah but lets face it. It was boys V men…

They subed off Ronaldo and bought on KAKA…Spurs subbed off that big fatty Huddlestone and bought on some reject called Sondo who I have never heard of?

and he wears a clown suit.

He basically caught the ball turned round and threw it in his own net…

Well they got beaten by the manager of the reigning champs when they won it, so I guess that makes him more right than you… :hehe: :wink:

Barca v Real gonna be an interesting semi final though, as too will Man U v Schalke

Was randomly walking around london today on a brain clearing walk after the first focus group and completely by accident went past the hotel the exact time all the Read players were heading onto their coach…

Saw Ronaldo (who looks like someone out of the only way is essex), Xabi alonso, Casillas and bet of all… Zidane!!! :smiley:

Now time for El Classico!!! Vamos Barca!!!

I hear the Spuds trophy cabinet got broken into last night, police are looking for someone with a navy blue and white duster…unused :wink:

You are being harsh, Spurs are quite good on paper…just shit on grass:D:D:D:D:D

My last one for the day…

Spurs fan got tugged by the old bill on his way home last night having sunk a few pints in post match drinks.

The copper, smelling alcohol pulls out his breathaliser:

“Sorry mate, I can’t use that” he says, pulling out his Asthmatics UK membership card…on the back, ‘Please don’t take any breath’

Next up he pulls out his blood testing kit
“Sorry mate, I can’t use that” he says, pulling out his Hemophiliac hospital card…on the back, ‘Please don’t take any blood’

Finally the copper pulls out the test tube for a urine test
“Sorry mate, I can’t use that” he says, pulling out his Tottenham Hotspurs Season Ticket…on the back, ‘Please don’t take the piss’

Once again, a Spurs fan taking one element of their team to proclaim they are the best.

(oh thats cos if you mention historic results thats no good).

So, enjoy watching yourself on channel five next year. :smiley:

well said GoF

nuff said :stuck_out_tongue:



Nice photo, has done the rounds on the internet for years with different club logos… (YAWN!)

Meanwhile,Tottenham has arranged for a laminated printout of last night’s result to be placed in the trophy cabinet at White Hart Lane alongside their 2008 Fair Play award and Ledley King’s victorious £5 scratchcard.

I ******* hate arsenal!

did spurs turn up :stuck_out_tongue:

Did they ever!! With shots on goal aswell;)