Spur of the moment

Cheers Barro a true star calls late pm to meet at he ace for 8:30 so 7:30 i set out mad hack through Iver, langley, Denham, High Wycombe down into slough back through Langley into Denham A40 to the ace for just past 8:30 meets Terry and Karen, always a pleasure Barro already there so a good chin wag had, i can always count on you to clear my mind fella and listen to the shit in my head!! so from there a blat down the A40 into the Barros “manor” stop a pub in camden for a pint drop some beers from the Dehli to the Barros nest, points me in the direction of the euston road. Stopped on the A40 to syphon my python drop off at stockley round about for some Knee down sparks… then home

cheers just what i needed, true pals, & i love my bike

No bother mate…t,was a good couple of hours…my invoice for listening to your constant ballicks is in the post

Ill always return the favour

you mean your return the invoice !!!

Was a pleasure lads! Had eventful ride back to Broxbourne with Karen on the back couple of cage drivers tried to kill us and a nutty old drunk bird having a random rant at me! Love London

Karens Kazza bike not well huge screw in back tyre so left at my house, should be up and running by Monday PM