Sprocket Art

We want to give a colleague here at work a leaving present as she is leaving at the end of the month… As a while back she got stranded in Morocco waiting for a sprocket to arrive I was thinking to do some sort of play on that. What I wanted to create was a sprocket that also acted as a photo holder… something she may be able to stick on her wall or desk (might have to be cut in half for the latter)…

Anyone have any ideas what would be the best way to do this? Solder some photo clips in between the sprocket tooth gaps?

Any budding enthusiasts here who wanted to give me a quote for doing something like that as my artistic skills are still in primary school mode… :smiley:

Duct tape FTW!!

Magnets on the back (assuming the sprocket is magnetic)

Magnets eh? That means that she’d have to stick magnets onto the photos to hold them in place?

Hmmm it could work…

Or we could stick clothes pins on the teeth with double sided sticky tape… :smiley:

Get an old (large) sprocket

Cut a rectangle out the middle

Stick a photo in the hole

Easy! :smiley:

Ah wanted it to hold multiple photos not just the one :slight_smile:

Something like this (but in sprocket shape)

A ha!

How about use the sprocket laid flat as the base?

Or cut it in half, one of the halves down into quarters and weld it to the back of the half section (so you get an upside down T shape when you look from above)

Then tack some croc clips on to cable stalks? Or sections of seized cycle chain coming up from the sprocket?

hmm cool idea but the sprocket has a large hole in the middle so you woulnd be able to get the ‘antennae’ coming out from one point

not all bikes, my SR125 had one big one, no hole.
if you’re short of sprockets try essential rubber, they had a big bucket of old ones for you to choose from.

or ill be replaceing mine tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:


Was thinking to add clips to every third tooth for example and then she can use the bolt holes to nail it to the wall… Or I could stick the whole sprocket to some sort of hard surface with the clips slightly sticking out…

Need to do more thinking about this…

plural of antenna

So you want to get in her knickers…She’s leaving…you’ve missed your chance…as a last ditch attempt…your gonna make her a crap photo holder…in the slight optimism that one day, your picture may be in that sprocket frame thingy next to hers!

Mate it aint gonna happen. Deal with it. Just buy her a vibrator as shes gonna use that more than the Sprocket Frame.

I did Latin at school Pan… I know my plurals. What I didn’t get was what you were referring to as antennae!

Motopup unfortunately I work in a ‘creative’ team so presents for leaving dos have to b e creative

Martin - that looks pretty good actually and a lot better than anything I could possibly do!! Oh I know the feeling of telling them the idea and then when the final thing is ready everyone will go… ‘Seriously? We waited for THAT?’ Kind of what people always say when they are waiting for Pan and his fugly bike… :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

PMSL :laugh:

I’d have thought keep it simple. A sprocket, the real one for her bike, with a map of Morocco, or perhaps N Africa/W Europe with the route back to England nicely glued on and trimmed would have done the trick.

A couple of long socket head cap screws with nylock nuts on the back would be the easiest stand.

Good ideas stripped down to the minimum often work best.

How about cutting the sprocket into 8ths like a cake then mounting the pieces upright one after the other so that you can put the photos in the gap between the pieces?

I have attached a cack-handed mockup.

I think Elad has it, cut the sprocket up, and then ‘fan’ out the pieces with picture on each one (maybe 3 maximum?

This is better I think.
She’d appreciate it.



Crap, can’t seem to get my pic on, how do I do it? the attachment seems to error out…