Sprint not playing ball

Ok my Sprint is not firing up. When I try and start it it makes a sound like an asthmatic ant. Whilst it was not in use for a few weeks, whilst my job status was in doubt, the battery was on charge during the whole time. I have sprayed everything electrical that is immediately accessable. with WD40. Any ideas.

before you do anything else try bump starting it…

I had similar problems because of the cold/humidity

Agree with the post above…

My street triple died the other week, it was just going “click” when i fired up the ignition, but I just couldnt get it bumped too… probably because I’d never done it before and was trying to learn to do it too!

When i spoke to triumph last week they said that because the batteries are so small at the minute, they don’t deal with the cold/damp very well :frowning:

its not only bikes… yesterday i had to help bump start a mini (the new one) …

must have been funny to see a guy in full motorcycle gear (helmet, gloves and all) pushing a mini! :smiley:

It seems a bit odd as my battery in the Sprint is about twice the size of the one on my 675 and that starts fine, even with an alarm on it, but will give it a try. Don’t much fancy bumping a big heavy lump like a Sprint, and we have a shortage of hills round here:ermm:. Thanks for all the advice.

Check your battery connections are nice a tight! I’ve had them work loose after using an optimate…

I’ve got a Sprint RS, so have a slight clue on this one. Also check the fuses and relays are okay and seated firmly. Also check your kill switch…

Kill switch was first thing I checked…:D, not getting caught out by that one again.

haha i was gonna say i would not fancy bumping a sprint… :smiley:

Bump starting injected bikes is a bit of a bu**er.

Old carb bikes just needed enough juice at the coils but now you need enough to power up a raft of injection and ignition stuff and POWER THE BL**DY HEADLIGHT.

Oh well, I suppose that’s progress.

Actually, I forgot you can actually turn the headlight off on the RS, might give it enough juice to get it started, long shot but could work. Got so used to having the lights hotwired on with my other bikes.

Its always sounded like that :smiley:

No your mistaken…its been a while since I owned a Jap bike :smiley:

Finally got it looked at. The spark plugs were knackered, bit releived as I have heard that Trumpets have a problem with water welling up around the spark plugs which literally welds the plug to the engine, requiring the whole top of the engine be removed and replaced. Thankfully it was not that :slight_smile:

I’d say this was devine Karma due to someone taking the michael out of Vee Twins recently;):smiley:

Glad it’s been sorted mate:cool:

Phew. That must be a relief. I’ve recently had my bike serviced and changed the sparks for new iridium ones too. Better safe than sorry.