Hey peeps,

Got a tiny problem does anyone know of any good touch up or sprayers who can do my Gsxr and laquer it off? I was peeling off a sticker and it pulled some paint off:crying:, Although its not noticable to the naked eyeI know its there and its bugging me. Its black so Im hoping it wont be too much of a problem.

Thanks Joey.

Sudden Impact, Chadwell Heath are very good if you’re East side, innit.

Hammerite paint is very good, Because when it drys you dont need to lacquer it because it allready has lacquer in it which comes up to the top when it drys.Look at my scooter which my father painted, It onlly had 4 coats of yellow primer then 4 coats of rosso red Hammerite and look how nice it came out.

Mines the red one.

Good job you pointed out that the red bike is yours, For a minute I thought you was using that special paint that goes on red and drys metallic blue!!!:w00t: Thanks for the tip matey il look into it. Joey

Top banana!!! Im just doon the road from there.

Cheers :wink:

Lol my bad

Another satisfied customer of Sudden Impact. They did a wonderful job on my Bandit. The paint sprayer there is a true perfectionist.

"X"cellent Il give them a ring.