Spraying WD40 on a chain

Guy in my usual bike bay was spraying WD40 on his chain this morning shortly after he’d ridden in. I’d have thought that would clear off his lubricant as well as any muck from his ride in. Is this a secret winter defense I don’t know about? :slight_smile:

The only reason I can think of someone doing that is that he plans cleaning his chain later today and is allowing the WD40 to soak.

Apart from that, you are right, he’s washing all his lube off:w00t:


WD40 is great - just don’t use it on your chain!

It will erode the linkages causing weak spots - very dangerous.

Avoid at all costs.

There are plenty of alternatives out there and cheaper than a can of wd40

HERE WE GO AGAIN!!!;):smiley:

We haven’t had the WD40 Vs O Ring Chains debate for a while :smiley:


What’s this…WD40 not good for a chain? Never heard that before? Can someone explain plz?

I use it to clean my chain, but not to lube it.Doesn’t do any harm - it doesn’t rot the O rings…

Im gonna donate my chain to this test & clean my chain with WD-40 tomorrow :wink:

If you want to spray your chain after rides with anything other than proper chain lube use GT85. Wouldn’t ever use WD40 on a chain, def not good for it.

The debate about WD40 Vs O Ring Chains has raged on for decades.

Sometimes I use paraffin to clean my chain and sometimes I use WD40, neither of them have been scientifically proven to have any ill effects on O seal chains.:cool:

Just buy a none O ring chain … problem solved . :slight_smile:

I use WD on a rag just to clean the side links ,got a scott oiler so no need to lube .

did you know you can also use it as a condiment, and for rashes on your thinking member :wink:

dont end this one too soon Chunky, i love watching people have a internet fight about it!! :smiley:

to fan the flames, use it on my chain, have done well over 12k, guess what, its still fine…

“WD40 spray is a no go, the propellent penetrates the seals and pushes the grease out, WD40 non spray is fine and btter than paraffin”

I put that in quotes coz I didnt say it, its one of thos heresay things that everyone has a different opinion on. Anyway I use silkoline chain cleaner it rocks.