Spotting fellow lb members on the road

Yeah thats a good point … I may be at a disadvantage being easily heard and spotted … hmmmmm maybe everyone who plays would need to fit one of those orange flags on whippy ariel things to their bike . I fear some may think those went out of fashion in 73 , they didn’t but some might think it .

I remember riding through town with Ally and there was a hot little number on a SV. She was riding with a dude who was on a small bike but wearing fairy wings :blink:(?!?!?!?! I know, WTF!!!)

Saw heer again last week :smiley: cracking arse :Whistling::smiley:

I remember recording the video as we were riding… gotta see if I still have it :cool:

Thats because I didnt recognise you with your clothes on!:kiss: Anyway, now days I’m using 2 hands to collect the bits that fall off!:smiley:

Spotting the best places to fall off takes huge amounts of concentration, this is advanced crashing dont you know!:stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, I never see you guys with your lids and kit on, so unless I see you wave and lift your visor how am I to know who you are…I’m old, blind, deaf…stupid!:w00t: Sorry gang:blush:

It’s very easy to spot me: I’m the guy riding naked!

Gosh, boredom it’s a bad thing XD

So you acquired someone else’s stalker? Good work. :slight_smile:

I like the idea of a game to go with this :slight_smile:

well today i spotted JerryXt

I’m fairly easy to spot on my Triumph as I often wear a frock over my bike trousers, wear a flashing disco light vest and a large woolly scarf (although the scarf practice has been recently discontinued) and carry a handbag.

I have not acquired any stalkers on my travels - apart from a bloke on a cruiser who asked me back to smoke a joint - most fellow road users give me a wide berth;)

Did you go?:slight_smile:

No I declined his offer (made over a series of traffic light stops en route up Brixton Hill) as he looked like the kind of guy that might well roll up tea leaves in a rizla paper (aka the Inbetweeners) rather than the type to have a decent award winning supply of AK47 skunk (although of course appearances can be deceptive:))

anyone rides through A308 down to A3 in the mornings say at about 6am/pm? :smiley:

Pan was late for work again today…

So was I but I spotted my mechanic on his bike this morning.

We need a tag your it thread

I won’t take part cause your work is closer than mine from the point we meet…

At least that will be my excuse for not getting in on time to post it up :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

I should be safe then on my commute into work, A13 from Grays to Barking :slight_smile:

Unless you come across me on the A13/A406… Oh no, I’ll ignore’ya!:smiley:

Does it count if someone finds where you park, rings you up and threatens to stick their disc lock on your bike?


I shall put this here as its pretty much ontopic …Right … welll…today my mate a despatch rider of 20 years experience who I recommended for his new job …today filled the brand new company motobike up with …diesel … yes he filled a bike with diesel … Now we are giving him a reasonably hard time of it but I think it should be harder … He is easy to spot Its an 11 plate Yamaha xt660 Tenere in black with great big KELTBRAY DEMOLITION stickers all over it and a great big ally top box on it . If anyones sees this bike if they would be so kind as to pull up alongside and enquire as to wheather that is one of the new diesel yamahas or just shout OI MATE PETROL NOT DIESEL YOU FLUMP and then gas it away or anything you chooses I would be much appreciative .

I don’t get that far, I’m off the junction/exit before the 406 :stuck_out_tongue:

At least currently, which reminds me of a topic I wanted to put up