Spotting fellow lb members on the road

Got to say its a nice feeling spotting another member on the commute in :slight_smile:

Today was serrisan across clapham on the tango on wheels

What is the traditional greeting? A V sign?

Ha no special hand shake just a nod and wave

Yup good to see you too shiver and your ribena :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

shiver’s easy to spot! :smiley:

Ribena! Hey my bike isn’t purple it’s mica red haha

Pan I can see you half way down the a3

I haven’t seen a fellow LBr for a while, might be due to me working odd hours though.

It just proves that me and Alex leave the house at exactly the same times as we can only spot eachother at one set of lights think it was 8:43.

Gav your a man of luxury…GIT

weird though because I leave home with a variation of 15 mins some days…

Perhaps we need some sort of game . . Like tag . Spot a lb rider and post it up then that rider is a shitstick until they spot a different lb and so on . . . No backsy no keys no safe streets .


Do it

ha that would be real fun to play but i think london’s a bit too big for that…

or rather i haven’t had time to come to any meets yet so i couldn’t recognize anyone who doesn’t have stickers. most don’t have stickers right?

No stickers mainly it’s a case of learning names, faces and bikes which takes ages unless they had a really “interesting” looking bike like Numnum :slight_smile:

I don’t generally see any LBers on my commute…I have started becoming familiar with my normal ‘commuting group’ which is quite nice.

On the way home a few weeks back I got chatting to a girl who told me someone followed me home cos they thought I was her (125cc black honda, white textiles jacket and blonde hair) funny if a little disconcerting!

Doesn’t have to a commute I’ve spotted members all over the place

People spot me all the time… and then i get bollocked for not waving back lol so i’d loose this game

:wink: So have we, and had at least one very peculiar reaction by the person being “spotted” :Whistling:

I’ve seen Sneaky on his Riot a couple of times… But neither of those times did he wave back :frowning:

Mind you that may be because he was using one hand to hold on to the bars and was using the other to collect the flying pieces… :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Ooooh who who???

Snap think sneaky rides along in a world of his own lol…also spotted frogga a couple of times not that he nods back (ignorant git):crying: