Spot the difference

Spot the difference

The garage door is greener than the grass?

Whit-whoooo! (Bike not arse)

And it’s definitely not as dirrty as my Bonnie :ermm:

don’t see a difference tbh id ride both XD

the first one has a rusty muffler :smiley:

and a bigger air box :w00t:

Defo the 1st one has been ridden hard and put away wet Haha

We’re very surprised Mrs Art allowed you to put her picture on the forum:w00t:

you cant see the pipe in pic 1 ?

One of them now has room for "dirrrrty rotten scoundrels please queue here for service " across the ass these days .

… Neither are worth riding :smiley:

Sorry Art, I’m only joking :stuck_out_tongue:

One scrubs up fairly tidy

The other scrubs up all nasty