Sporty Decisions!!

Just sold mi bike, so back to shopping around…

Been offered 2 bikes today: GSX750R & CBR900RR

Both are clean, both have a few scratches here and there - both bout 8/10, both FSH.

GSXR750 - 2002, 28,500miles, blue/white suzuki colours, TFI unit on it…
CBR900RR - 2000, 22,000miles, blue,red,white, alarm.

Both being offered to me at a touch over £2k…

I’m gonna be using it 3 or 4 days a week for a 8mile commute into work (SW into Tower Hill).
And also weekend play - obviously.

What are people’s opinions please and any advice / preference is massively appreciated!

750 me thinks!

hehe :slight_smile: the commute is fairly irrelevant given the distance (and the route which is a bit of a pig…used to do it myself!) so would come down to weekend play. The GSXR kit is better than the CBR as this was the last of the old shape ones…but would probably be more comfortable if you are of a larger shape…

But which one did you plump for in the end?

Cheers Elad - yep - my thoughts exactly on the short commute!

I went for the CBR929RR… its the 1st of the newer shapes actually… first of the FI ones… will change my avitar over soon to show it off!

Love it to bits… its basically just my CBR600F4i but on a very big dose of STEROIDS!
Great handling, incredible brakes, plain naughty acceleration, and yet all day comfortable too…

Im sure a new GSXR could have me, but i dont care - it really is the perfect bike for me… ridiculously fast and easy to ride it that way. Love it… now if only it wasnt the start of winter! Doh! hahaha

Sod it - ive slapped ACF50 all over, so bring it on!

cheers iank,

I had a CBR 900 2001 for 5 years and a GSXR 750 before for 5 years, I think the CBR was more comfortable and easier to ride and more reliable. I had a few problems with the GSXR (petrol pump, chain for the motor,…,).

But I would go on a testride on both and then make your decision, good luck.


You made the right choice