Sportsbike Tyres

Help, I’m so confused about what tyres to buy, I Ride a Honda 1000cc v2 (SP1) I commute and scratch.

I have tried Dunlops 207rr & 208 and am curently on Pirelli Diablo Corsa

Has anybody got some feedback on Michelin pilots, Bt014 or Sportec m1. Any recomendations where i can purchase these at a decent price (other than E gay)



My advice would be Michelin Pilot Power 2CT’s, got them and think they are better than Corsa’s

Difficult, think tyres are kinda personal really. What I say suits my bike and my ‘style’ of riding may not suit yours. But I don’t think there is a bad’un mentioned.

The only yardstick I use to any degree is ‘which are the cheapest’ lol.

Oh, and I’ll move this to ‘Help and Advice’ if that’s ok

no probs

Probably best to have a word with a tyre specialist, or even a Honda dealer to see what is recommended. Perhaps there is an SP forum to get advice from. Being a big thumper, it may put too much torque down for a tyre that 4 cylinder merchants love.

Yes, cheers chuffman, she sure does eat rubber, me is leaning to the pilots


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