Sports Bike To Use As a Commuter - Yay or Nay?

Next year Im going to be getting my 1st big bike & Im planning on riding it to work everyday - Im aiming to get a K4 750 gsxr, what are the pro’s & cons of using 1 of these to get to work? (apart from getting there and bck quicker ha ha) My journey is 19 miles each way down the A2 into the west end of London.

Would this kind of journey everyday lead me to big running costs or would the bike be fine - other than this kind of bike I’ve also been considering a SV 650s or a KTM Enduro bike.

How often would a Gsxr need to be serviced & how much would that cost roughly?

Thanks for your help


ive got the zx7r and if you do what i did at the BCW weekend…i say NAY !

overheated and spluttered like a b*tch

i used to despatch on a trial bike…best thing as you can see alot more too

I do on an R6, it’s not ideal and if I could afford another bike I’d get something more commuter friendly a 3 or 400 probably. As Salee says if you pootle too much (easily done in traffic) it starts overheating and spluttering (it was much worse in summer, now is pretty much OK). I found filtering much more difficult as well and have to plan a lot more as the steering doesn’t allow me to turn as tightly as on streetbikes. My mechanic told me to redline it in first gear a couple of times when it starts spluttering. So far this is working (nearly 3,700 miles later). On the up hand when a chance presents itself to get away from traffic and I put my mind to it, not many bikes can keep up with me as I have so much more power and sometimes get across traffic lights when other bikes have to stop as they are turning red, again.

Thanks for the replies - with this spluttering etc could this damage the bike? The route I take is pretty good and doesnt involve much sitting about to be honest - Im just pining for a sports bike ha ha

IMHO sports bikes are not for regular commuting…i do it once in a while, its ok but i leave early and filtering is not as easy as say a bandit. There is also the potential for it being stolen and scratched in bays and corp car parks.

Also ure stepping straight to a 750!!!

Here here on the R6, I do approx 50 miles each way every day… (when in the UK !) great when you can welly though

Ah yes, have myself the Ninja 6 for my daily commute and playtime; am however getting a winter hack for the bad weather. But its fun as it is; although agree with Andrea, get stuck occasionally with the turning circle unless your on a runway and given prior notice!!

I am not an expert, but the slow riding is not particularly good for a sports bike engine, it gets clogged up. I go past my mechanic to let him have a listen every now and again, they’ve got stuff (can’t remember the name) they can put in the tank to clear it. Not needed it yet because of the redlining and that shouldn’t do any harm, so I am told as its a sportsbike. Long rideouts at the weekend seem to cure it.

Know about the pining, saw the R6 and couldn’t help myself, had to have it.

50 miles round trip on Naomi (attached).

She never has any issues mechanically.Now and again when filtering her turning capability isnt the best.


not that I have a sports bike as such, but nay from me.

i desperately want to get a cbf 1000 old school and leave my sv to rest in the garage…

Commuted on my R6, now ride my DRZ. NO question that the DRZ wins hands down. Crashed it a few weeks ago quite badly and it scratched the plastic and twisted the forks in the yolks. Yolks got kicked back into shape and plastics have street cred. R6 in same situation ££££££££££££££££££££££££. Nuff said.

I dont think it makes much difference tbh, I dont find the GSXR uncomfortable and a full front fairing will beat a naked any day of the week in cold weather over 40mph. The windchill on nakeds is a nightmare to deal with. Thats said I do have quite a bit of a roads to do so I can get up to speed, if you’re slow London filtering all the way a better steering lock would be useful.

It wont damage the bike to leave it running in warm weather, carbs used to get gummed up but injectors dont have half the problems that carbs did so I wouldnt worry about over heating so much, e.g Italians also ride alot, imagine the temperatures in Milan or Greece from May to September

I’d just get the bike you want and ride it, if you don’t you’ll only regret it, if you parking somewheer GET A BIKE BAG, they are superb inventions unused by nearly everyone, never had a scratch on my R6 or CBR (now a GSXR), bike bags rock

Cool cheers

I might keep my present bike as a commuter then and have a bigger bike for the occasional journey and weekend fun - parkings not a problem as my company has secure underground parking. I ride a 125 to work at the mo but have ridden bigger bikes before but not in a commuting situation.

I’ve got a few months to think about it tho so I’ll give it some serious thought - might get a cheap trial bike for work and the 750 for weekends etc


Good thread.
Have been thinking bout doing the same recently, butits good to hear these points. Got a Bandit 600 which works good for the City, but its truly gash for anythign outside. Its like riding a tumble dryer with no OOOmph!

Got access to a brand new '06R6 for £3800.00 +VAT but its still only a 600 so again, I’m still wary about going ahead with it. I’m nearly sold on a GSX-R 750 but not new, no way I could splash that much moola on wheels right now.

Argh, what are you waiting for, buy it, buy it, how can you resist. Am getting the shakes sitting here thinking about it!!! That is a bargain, how many miles? You are not saying its brand new???

Motos are definitely the best commuters in my opinion. The high seating position lets you see over the cars, and the wide bars make manouvering a doddle (although you have to watch when filtering). If you are going to use it predominantly for commuting then I would say a moto. If you are going to go out on A road blasts too, a SV650 is very good value for money and will suit your purpose well. The GSXR is a superb bike (I have one), but it will frustrate you sitting in traffic because it begs to be ridden fast.

It just so happens my XT660 is up for sale… hint, hint…

I used to commute across London on my 750’s and had no problems at all, they’re superb bikes and do everything you ask of them. The only con is that you’re exposing your bike to the risk of theft if you don’t take the proper precautions (secure parking/almax chain & tracker).

Yay I say!

My Bruv commutes on his Bandit and he luvs it Does 10/15 miles each way. Says it can get cold though.

I commute about 5/10 miles each way daily (10 to 20 If I get time:whistling and have had no troubles with my ZX6 I luv it TBH

Both of us have swapped and ridden each others wheels. (Both over 6` and 13 stone plus)

On my ZX6 He likes the added protection of the fairing etc. but hates the riding position.

On his Bandit I like the riding position as its sooo comfy but I hate the styling.

Oh yes when we go out for a ride he breezes through traffic while I seem to have a bit more trouble negotiating it some times. (As said before probably down to the steering lock…or my riding ability )

Having ridden both they seem equally capable of crunching the tarmac.

At higher speeds he has also commmented about the wind battering him while I have never noticed any problems TBH.

If we are out together he does complain I get all the looks though

Hope this helps

Ref:Trials bikes

They are great I spent 5 years commuting on a KDX 125 I bought just to do my test on Luvved every minute of it.

your trip to work is bout same as mine i have three routes -

1=raining/running late (saturday mornings - empty motorway - no speed camera’s 150 most of the way) - m4, m25

2= nice roads if it has rained in the last 12 hours

3= country lanes with twisties for hot weather and sticky tarmac

I use sportsbike and its no problem, i am also wanting the k4 750 we have a yellow/black one (my fave)at our harrow store and its becoming more and more tempting!!!

Gotta agree with Fridayman

Up till recently I had a CCM 404 DS with super sticky rubber - a blast!

The only thing is I’m a twin bloke really - the CCM was great but I appreciate the extra torque on my Scram. So it’s my ideal city bike - naked though - not for blasts up the M6 I can tell you.

Singles take some getting used to , but sliding round Hyde Park Corner on the CCM is a memory I’ll treasure - forever