sports bike riders

Does anybody here that has a sports bike allso own and ride a scooter?

I do, I just love the giggles you get from them lol :slight_smile:

i’ve had quite a few scoots…

my old zip125 was a right laugh…had that while i owned my SV…goign from one to the other was hilarious! felt very odd!! BUT i could get to work quicker on the scoot;) follwing a few simple rules…dont brake unless you really have to…keep momentum, and remember…you can fit through the smallest gaps…fart and the scoot cahnged direction:D loved it, was same size and wieght as a 50cc but with a 125 4 stroke engine, wheelies were easy!:smiley: never could get it to stoppie tho…

I have a K8 GSXR 750. Also a Vespa 125.
The are both fun to play with and both have qualities separate to each other.

I can take the scoot shopping and park it in a bay and know pretty much it will be there when I get back. Which can not be said for the gixer.

Both are fun for hoooooooning around the shitty. :wink:

I have a Kawasaki ZXR 400 and a gilera stalker which im thinking of turning into a stunt scooter.

I just cant keep the front wheel down when im on my scoot :slight_smile:

this video says it all, Sorry about the shitty kung-fu sound effects :hehe:

That is all good but when did you get a sport bike?:stuck_out_tongue:

i haven’t got a sports bike as such coz it ain’t got all that tupperware on it but i did have a piaggio typhoon 125 2 stroke. made right light work of traffic AND a few proper bikes :w00t: never could keep up with the hornets though :wink:

lol when did i say it WAS a sports bike:P, im talking from owning a big bike and a scoot;) infact i didnt mention anything, cos i knew someone would!:w00t:

Yup - have a K5 1000 and recently owned a Gilera 4T 180 and Speedfight 100 … they are indeed good fun and great commuter tools!

hey dude! hows it going?

i had a speedfight100! great little scoot, and soon if i can find one, im a get a 180 2t runner, alwasy wanted one…huge amounts of fun in town!:smiley: