Sponsors/Donations wanted!

(Not sure if its the right thread)but anyway…

My gf is doing a walk for cancer research and needs all the support that she can get! Dig deep, she is walking for skin cancer as her mum suffered from it two times over. Its a great cause and anything sponsored/ donated will be hugely helpful and she would be so greatful!!!



I’ll happily donate but she’ll have to walk round to mine to get the money :stuck_out_tongue:

Great cause though, cancer is a bloody horrible disease… Good luck!

You can also text if you wish… Im sure you have a mobile conrad HAHA

im not sure if t=you can choose the amount tho which is stupid!

“I’m fundraising for Cancer Research UK. To help me support this great cause, sponsor me by texting CERI50 £5 to 70070. Thank you!”

Is the quote the site shares for texting… Not sure if adjusting the £5 to £1 or whatever will adjust it, I cant see much about it. (shes not sure either):crazy:

Come on you tight gits!

even if its only 10p it all adds up.

It will be appreciated.

Im going to mension to her about a Londonbikers tag to put on her top. (If shes allowed) but I dont see why not.

Please dig deep! You know its a good cause!:Wow: