"sponsored by the wife again " look at what she bought me now


trackday bike not tack!!!<A href='http://enbike.co.uk/show.php?id=767">http://enbike.co.uk/show.php?id=767"></iframe>

Does your wife have female friends between the ages of 23-30 she seems a nice girl? :D:D:D:D

I have had bad luck with women :smiley:

Nope sorry and yeah she is sooooooo Niceeeeeeeeeeehttp://enbike.co.uk/view/767/brandshatch-trackday-160309/

If you ever get divorced… give me a shout !

+1 :smiley: or any chance she wants to trade you in for a newer model :wink:

lol i guess buying her a box of chocolates for valentines just wont cut it then :stuck_out_tongue:

get her a set of tyre warmers, snap-on tool kit, race leathers & race fairings:D

and chocolates:hehe:

nice:D And where did you meet your missus?..:smiley:

Get in line mate :wink: I’ve had worst luck :w00t: lookin’ up now tho :kiss:

P.S Looks like you’ve got a goodun there, i bet she even cooks ya dinner :wink:

If she’s arranged life insurance for you then I’d give the bike a good check over every time you use it…

that is sooo not clever, thought I was doing ok getting a CBR600 for a trackday toy :doze:

will pm ya for info on them :slight_smile: