Spitfires over Kent today

i am the luckiest girl alive…

whenever the Spitfires leave from Biggin Hill…they fly over my house near Brands and to hear and see these mighty aircraft still flying is sheer JOY

oh but when the Lancaster flys over…tears of joy

what those guys went though !..thank you each and every one of them

Hi salee,

will have to take you to RAF uxbridge some day, they have a fab WW2 bunker set up for the Battle of Britain. It has been used in lots movies and Rex Harrison of my fair lady fame was stationed there during the war.

It is real heart wrenching stuff as you get to see the faces of all those young pilots that left and never came back… It includes a lot on RAF biggin Hill and the role that it played in those days.


Agreed a beautiful site and always brings a tear to my eye. They sound gorgeous as well!

I have a spitfire picture on my wall at home

what a nice treat for you salee…

those aircraft are absolutly stunning…


I went to an airshow in Scotland that had a standalone Rolls-Royce Merlin engine on display. They fired it up and really got it going, boy what a noise!! Engines do make some of the best music around

When I was in the Air Cadets I got a chance to go for a guided tour of the Battle of Britain Memorial flight so got to have a good look at them and best of all I got to go in the Lancaster and sit in the ****pit and gun positions etc it was amazing As it was at the start of the season they were flying every other day so i got to watch them take off and land

Seeing Tornados take off in the dark with full afterburners on is also a very cool sight.

Definately Salee! I love the old WWII planes as well, the spits are increadible! The noise gets me going as much as a MotoGP bike flaming and squirming out onto the straights… Lucky girl, I’d love to see those plans in action again.

thanks weenie…we should organise a ride out…

ive done Duxford which is brilliant and some of the hangers are repairing the old planes and you can watch the blokes working on them…and theyve got Montys battle motorhome! there and loads of tanks too

a great day out for kids of all ages…including LBers

You lucky git when I joined cadets it was so rubbish only a few people used to turn up and we did nothing!!!

The memorial flight they do over London is wicked! Brings a real tear to my eye it does, just think of all those brave men and women and how they risked everything they had for us so we could live a life of peace now.

2/3rd June2007 is the Biggin Hill Air Show…one of the best!!..we ought to do a ride up there as its packed with cars, bikes is easier in and out!!

B17 (Sally B, last one left)…Lancaster (used to be 2) and the Spits, Hurricanes…Harriers (grey puddle jumpers)!! and Merlin…loads of old and new

i remember they used to have more old planes flying…but these old fools keep crashing them and there are hardly any left now

Its sad to think that after the war they discarded all the hundres and hundres of gorgeous planes they had and now theres none left and people want em!


it would be a pleasure, having been an Air Force wife for too long now…ahhh the most moving moment for me was at the Queens Jubilee when the Spitfire and Lancasters went down the Mall upon return to base the came via RAF Northolt and did several loops of honour over the camp and the staff houses.

I swear the noise and what it stood for made the hairs in the back of my neck stand up and brought a tear to my eye. We are lucky and I am proud to be connected…

i lived in Stratford east London when they flew over for the Jubilee…im going all goosey just thinking about it…must have been up to 30 old and new planes flying in formation over London


ive just sent an email to Biggin Hill to ask for a group discount if the londonbikers do a rideout to the Airshow in June 07

watch this space…

As evocative moments go I have to admit that the most touching moment involving WW 2 planes I expirenced was standing on Pegasus Bridge on the 60th Anniversary of D Day surrounded by the vets of the 6th Airbourne and there was a parachute drop using Dakotas and original kit. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up and the air was electric as the whole place went silent and 200 paras dropped out of the sky and I remember thinking that 60 years ago it was all for real and many young men were not going home

Hi Salee, let me know if we can wangle an insider discount as a few of RAF people are LB’s

Ann x

Love Spitfires

Was at the Goodwood Revival a few weeks back and they had two of them and two Mustangs chasing each other around over the circuit at tree top height between races. F*cking awesome.

this is the battle of britain flight at Dunsfold a few weeks ago - but there are two spitfires as the hurricane had engine trouble at the time


Thats the Lanc I sat in feck sitting in them seats for 8-10 hours at a time thou and thats before the Hun started trying to put holes in you

is it next to your tweenis poster???

Getting flamed from the yellow power ranger